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  • Waiter spit in drink proven by forensics
    Waiter spit in drink proven by forensics: This is what crime labs are doing?
    Waiter? There's some spit in my drink! A New York man who claimed his waiter spit in his drink, proved, with the backing of DNA analysis, that the goober clinging to the inside of his to-go cup was indeed a snot rocket from an idiot employee...
  • Forensic Pathology
    Forensic Pathology
    Forensic Pathologists: The Death DetectivesThey specialize in determining the causes of sudden, unexpected or violent deaths. But according to the National Academy of Sciences, the U.S. is facing a critical shortage of these professionals.When the...
  • Bite mark on Arm
    Bite Mark Cases in Kenosha County Courtrooms - One from 2012 and One from 1912
    Yesterday there was a story about a man named Troy Shesler Jr., age 21, who bit a police officer's hand in Twin Lakes in the Kenosha News. He also spit at an officer and tried to chew a police car door. He had been drinking and was given a...
  • Ashippen,WI
    Father Identifies Remains of his Dead Son in 1853 by his Teeth
    In 1850 Hiram Sanders was said to have murdered a young man who kept coming to visit his daughter in Ashippen, Wisconsin. The decision of the coroner was that he had committed suicide. A neighbor told the Dodge County Gazette that a young man by...
  • Cover of "Trail of Blood" by Lisa Black.
    “Trail of Blood” by Lisa Black destined to become a Classic
    The “Trail of Blood” by Lisa Black weaves the real life story of the Cleveland Torso Killer with a fictional current story. The Torso Killer was a serial killer that terrorized Clevelanders over 75 years ago and is still unsolved....
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