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  • The FDA, headed by Margaret Hamburg (shown at right), has issued a warning regarding over-the-counter laxatives
    Don't overdo it: Sodium phosphate laxatives can have serious side effects
    The FDA has issued a safety announcement regarding the use of over-the-counter (non-prescription) laxatives containing sodium phosphate. According to the FDA, exceeding one dose of this type of laxative in 24 hours could have serious side effects,...
  • Safety and cost efficiency capable vith fleet tracking
    Safety and cost efficiency capable vith fleet tracking
    When it comes to large workforces that are mobile, safety is of the utmost importance. Field safety requires not just quality equipment but a proper procedure in use. Quality driving is important to make sure operations are both safe and efficient...
  • Dilithium contributions
    Fleets prepare! Dilithium mines have gone live in Star Trek™ Online
    The STO team has done it again; within a month of releasing their first expansion and all the goodies to entice immediately thereafter, a new addition for the Fleets (or as they are known in other games Guilds), has reinforced the passion the...
  • Turkish Airlines
    Turkish Airlines flies to 90 countries and counting
    Turkish Airlines continues to grow and soar in the airline industry. The global carrier has secured the number one spot according to the Official Airline Guide in terms of the number of countries it services to, bringing the grand total to 90...
  • Current EV options
    Electrified fleets are on the rise – EV Symposium in Palo Alto, CA
    The San Francisco bay area is often referred to as "the EV capital of the world" and is a leader in electric transportation deployment. As several electric plug-in car models are planned to come to market this year and in 2012, most of...
  • LPA's Fleet glimpse of 2011
    LPA's Fleet glimpse of 2011
    Local business Location Park Avenue recently took upon itself to hold a Private Fleet show to showcase the new 2011 car & truck models.Showcased at Groupe Park Avenue's Head office on the Metropolitain highway, this event was dedicated to...
  • Google testing driverless cars
    Google's fleet of driverless cars tested on open road - Photos - Video
    It looks like Google has had another brainstorm. This time it is the Driverless Car. Google announced yesterday that they have been testing—and rather successfully—a fleet of dirverless cars all up and down California. So far the cars...
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