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  • Try a savory muffin instead of sweet
    Try a savory muffin instead of sweet
    If you are trying to limit your consumption of sugar, it is a good idea to learn to enjoy savory flavors that can be substituted into food, as well as using sugar substitutes. You can cut down a lot on sugar itself by using things like Splenda and...
  • Katie Couric makes more than a film, but a call to action with 'Fed Up'
    Katie Couric makes more than a film, but a call to action with 'Fed Up'
    "FED UP is the film the food industry doesn't want you to see." That is the tag line for the new documentary film FED UP from Peobody award-winning broadcast journalist Katie Couric and Oscar-winning producer Laurie David and that...
  • Katie-Couric-2014
    Katie Couric is 'Fed Up' with the food industry's role in health problems
    Award-winning news journalist Katie Couric is putting her money where her mouth is in the documentary film “Fed Up,” which examines the U.S. health crisis stemming from the food industry’s role in unhealthy eating. Not only is...
  • Katie Couric
    Katie Couric hosts New York screening of her documentary 'Fed Up'
    World-renowned journalist, executive producer and narrator, Katie Couric together with Stephanie Soechtig (director) and Laurie David (executive producer) all attended the New York premiere of their new documentary "Fed Up"on May 6, 2014...
  • "Fed Up."
    Review: 'Fed Up', forget what you think you know about obesity and nutrition
    It is rare for a film to truly make you enraged. It is rarer still - nearly impossible these days it seems - to come across a movie that leads to real social and political change. Fed Up (opening today) aspires to do both. It's a new...
  • The National
    NXNE is back for its 19th year
    North by Northeast (NXNE) is an annual week long festival showcasing music, film, art, comedy and interactive technology. An endless supply of venues throughout downtown Toronto showcase close to 1,000 bands, some getting their big break, others...