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  • Pope Francis swears: Pope accidentally lets an Italian F-bomb fly (video)
    Pope Francis swears: Pope accidentally lets an Italian F-bomb fly (video)
    Pope Francis accidentally let a slip of the tongue turn into viral internet folly after the Holy Father bungled the Italian word for “case,” instead using the slang word “cazzo,” a vulgar term.According to the Huffington...
  • Best TV Personality?
    Best TV Personality?
    Our amazing Master Chef, Gordon Ramsay, is in the running in a constest for Best TV Show Personality.All three of his American shows were put up for nomination before we got to the real reason those shows were nominated . . . him.Of course his...
  • Cook books
    Cook books
    Here's a quick run down of Chef Gordon Ramsay's cookbooks:Gordon Ramsay Makes It Easy (Sept 30, 2005)Gordon Ramsay's Healthy Appetite (Jan 1, 2009)Roasting in Hell's Kitchen: Temper Tantrums, F Words, and the Pursuit of Perfection ...
  • Working with Ramsay
    Working with Ramsay
    As in . . . a career working in the Master Chef's company.Yes, believe it or not, Ramsay hires people. He doesn't run the world (or his company) by himself."I'm lucky enough to work with the most amazing people whose hard work and...
  • PJ's Steakhouse
    PJ's Steakhouse
    It's a sad day when Gordon pays out of his pocket to help a business owner, that business improves for the business owner . . . and they end up selling a few months later anyway.Even though business was better.It's understandable that he...
  • Ramsay . . . almost shot to death?
    Ramsay . . . almost shot to death?
    Apparently, according to a couple of sources, our beloved Gordon Ramsay almost called 2011 his last year on this beautiful earth.It seems that while shooting a new show for British TV, he was trying to expose an illegal meat and fin operation. Or,...
  • New Year, New You
    New Year . . . New Diet
    Every year millions of people succumb to fad diets and get even less healthy.Why?Because they may lose some weight, but then they gain it back. Sometimes even more.Are you making a New Years Resolution to lose weight?If so, please don't find...
  • resized_Fkey21.jpg
    Those mysterious "F" keys
    If you are like me (or vaguely similar), you have noticed – with curiosity – the row of “F” buttons along the top of your keyboard and wondered what they were used for, other than cluttering up an already confusing keyboard...
  • Ramsay
    The Hell's Kitchen Guy
    That's how some people seem to know Chef Gordon Ramsay.They know what he does, they know he's popular, they know he's good, they know he's got that x-factor . . . they just don't seem to know his name. If you can believe that...
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