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  • The American Dream
    What is the ‘American dream’ in 2015?
    The modern American dream would be for citizens to be assured of the following list of six outcomes:Starting life in the absence of poverty with an equal opportunity to develop one’s innate capabilities.Living securely beginning with...
  • Angry guy
    Remedies for Angry Feelings
    Have you ever known anyone who claims never to get angry? Either they lied to you or they are deep in denial. After all, it is only human to feel angry now and then. Understanding one’s anger and how to control it instead of allowing it to...
  • Beliefs and Outcomes
    Do our beliefs dictate our outcomes?
    Are the expectations of a pessimist more often met compared to an optimist? It can surely seem that way. It is said that we most often receive that which we expect, but does “life” go awry more often than it goes in a pleasant...
  • Manny at SNL says, 'Lower expectations'
    Lower expectations: Obamacare
    Manny says, "Lower expectations".“Was, now, to-be” are the three things that citizens must ask about the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare.What was happening before the ACA?In beginning, America had a problem reflected by...
  • Why does intermingling fail between a man and a woman?
    Why does intermingling fail between a man and a woman?
    "And many people came to him and began saying: "John did not perform a single sign, but all the things John said about this man were true."" John 10:41When a men and a woman meet something extra ordinary happens. Both come with...
  • Expectations
    How to Avoid Disappointment and Feel at Peace
    “The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but thought about it. Be aware of the thoughts you are thinking. Separate them from the situation, which is always neutral. It is as it is.”-Eckhart TolleOn a recent episode of...
  • Jenelle Evans
    ‘Teen Mom’ star Jenelle Evans has high expectations for her son
    “Teen Mom” star Jenelle Evans is currently expecting her second child with her boyfriend, Nathan Grifith, and the couple is thrilled about having another child to join their family. Jenelle has a son, Jace, while Nathan has a daughter...
  • The Olympics and Happiness
    The Olympics and happiness
    The Olympics raise some interesting questions about happiness - both for the athletes who compete and for those of us who watch as "spectators".Think about it...The Olympic Athletes and HappinessFrom the perspective of the athletes,...
  • Let the light shine down on me
    Tapping into the voice that tells you you’re not good enough
    There is a little voice inside of all of us, sometimes that voice tells you that you are amazing and you can do anything. Most of the time the voice tells you negative things. It seems like we all listen to the voice that speaks negatively to us...
  • The Tryranny of Expectations: Grandparenting with grace on holidays
    The Tyranny of Expectations: Grandparenting with grace during the holidays
    A very wise woman and poet, Oriah Mountain Dreamer, wrote recently, 

“During the holiday season I find that I and many of those I counsel find ourselves missing a family that only ever existed in our hopes and imaginations. I wonder if we...
  • Enjoy This Day
    Let's Be More By Doing Less. {New Guidelines for Happiness.}
    The older we get, the faster life happens. It's easy to get lost in the everyday shuffle and forget our inspiration and what we really want to move towards. Let's come up with some new guidelines to bring us closer to heart-felt moments:::...
  • iPhone
    Apple must meet high expectations to stand out in the market
    Apple may have offered some of the coolest products before Steve Jobs passed away, but the company has been criticized for not releasing anything spectacular since the iPad. A rumored smart watched, iWatch, is supposedly being released later this...
  • Don't be frightened
    Don't be frightened by the mortgage process
    That image of the horse's head in the bed is one that will come out in therapy at some point down the road, poor horse.......(kidding!)The mortgage process is worse than a prostate exam. What do they want next, my first born? Why don't...
  • Options
    Daily thought: Options
    Life at times may seem full of pressure, demanding or even monotonous but there are always options.Through reflection and time out to think or not think via meditation, life reveals to us the different paths we may be able to take.For everything,...
  • Dinner date
    Don't jump to conclusions based on one dinner date
    Two years I wrote about the danger of a dinner date, with the assumption that persists for much of Jewish dating:Though we may have come a long way, men still are the ones who tend to select the date venue and who are expected to pay for it. These...
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