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  • Elizabeth Van Lew
    Crazy Bet’s espionage antics
    Born into a prominent Richmond, Virginia family, Elizabeth Van Lew arrived on October 17, 1818. Her father, John Van Lew, moved to Richmond when he was 26. Partnering with the Adams family, he established a commercial farm, which later failed...
  • John Wells must stop a dangerous plot
    In 'Twelve Days', John Wells tries to stop the United States from war with Iran
    Alex Berenson's latest John Wells espionage / thriller novel "Twelve Days",the sequel to "The Counterfeit Agent"
  • Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
    Examiner exclusive: Hillary Clinton’s cabal suspected of sorting Benghazi emails
    In an exclusive news report appearing on Sept. 15, 2014’s Examiner, this reporter described another suspicious link in a chain of events following the Benghazi massacre that cost the lives of four Americans including the U.S. ambassador to...
  • Coup card game
    Identity-Based Card Game Coup is All Style, Little Substance
    Indie Boards and Cards, makers of 2011’s The Resistance, continues to churn out products that look great and possess intriguing role-based themes, but Coup, like its predecessors, is crippled by gameplay flaws that preclude any attempt at...
  • Semengate? Obama has prisoners sperm flown to Cuba
    Semengate? Obama's shipment of sperm from imprisoned spy to Cuba shameful: GOP
    Republicanlawmakers on Thursdayblasted President Barack Obama and his administrationsayingtheir actions were“shameful” when they assisted a Cuban spy toartificially inseminate his wife so that he couldbecome a fatherevenwhile he served...
  • Iranian Drones
    Kamikaze drone tested by Iran during saber-rattling in Middle East
    The Iranian military claimed on Saturday that it successfully tested a newunmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) designed to be aKamikaze-style suicide drone. The Armyclaims the drone was used for the first timeduring the Islamic nation'smilitary...
  •  Mostafa Ahmed Awwad Arrested for Espionage
    Espionage: Saudi engineer attempts to steal U.S. Navy secrets
    A Saudi-bornU.S. Navy engineer working on a top-security assignment wasnabbed byfederal agentsand charged onFriday with espionage-related crimesas a result ofhis attempt to stealclassified schematicsfor what is arguably the most advanced aircraft...
  • Truth Seeker
    Exciting conspiracy novel with hopes of a movie
    If you love conspiracy themes, and I do, then Truth Seeker is a must-read. Robert Ludlum could not have crafted a more suspenseful tale of intrigue. J. Patrick O'Connor, whose career consisted oftwenty years in Private Security and...
  • Declassified files of legendary MI6 spymaster
    Declassified files of legendary MI6 spymaster
    I've always admired the brave men and women who work inthe CIA's foreign operations division andthose working in itsBritish equivalent, theMI6. Thevideo above illustrates the unknown dangers working as a clandestine officer in unfriendly...
  • Thomas Kell is hunting for a mole in Turkey
    In 'A Colder War' by Charles Cumming, the British hunt for a traitorous mole
    Russia is flexing its muscles. It has annexed Crimea and is now putting the screws to the Ukraine. At the same time, Putin has again charged another billionaire industrialist with crimes, in a power play to probably get his company. The world may...
  • Paranoia
    Movie review: Paranoia
    Adam is a technology contractor who finds himself blackmailed by his boss. Forced to spy on his boss's rival, Adam caught between two powerful technology mogul's while struggling to provide medical care for his ailing father.Liam Hemsworth...
  • A Most Wanted Man
    A Most Wanted Man
    A Most Wanted Man: Rated “R“ (2 hours, 1 minute) Starring: Rachel McAdams, Robin Wright, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Willem Dafoe, Daniel BrühlDirected by: Anton Corbijn When we think of spy flicks, we tend to think of James Bond, Jason...
  • The Heist -- Stealing a Dictator's Money
    "The Heist" by Daniel Silva is an un-thrilling thriller better left for old fans
    Daniel Silva's latest Gabriel Allon novel "The Heist" is a decent enough read, but it lacks the panache of the earlier books in the series and the essential characteristics of a thriller. The entire novel is predictable, except for...
  • The November Man
    The November Man
    Buy at Amazon.comThe Reel WorldThe pleasure of The November Man is seeing an ex-James Bond come out of retirement being all cool and mean and efficiently lethal. The ex-James Bond is Pierce… Pierce Bronson. He’s not as old as Sean...
  • Stop by the International Spy Museum
    International Spy Museum spells out espionage
    Spy enthusiasts, U.S. history buffs and movie fans of Jame Bonds can find their thrills and secrets at the International Spy Museum.Designed for families and large groups, the museum begins with a short video clip of the spy industry and who's...
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