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  • Oklahoma Outpouring
    Keith Luker meetings bring the supernatural to the Sooner state
    It’s not service as usual when you show upat the “Oklahoma Outpouring” meetings in Edmond, Oklahoma. Keith Luker is known for his worship music. It is likely that is what most people areshowing upto hear, but some are not leaving...
  • Edmond's Humble Pie is too good for modesty
    Edmond's Humble Pie is too good for modesty
    Americans are passionate about pizza. Ask any two people how to make a perfect pizza, and you may never get the same answer from both. Born in Italy as a way to use leftovers, pizza has blossomed in the United States, this land of "have it...
  • Cafe 501: a gastronomic oasis in central Oklahoma
    Cafe 501: A gastronomic oasis in central Oklahoma
    When I think of Central Oklahoma, "cutting-edge New American cuisine" is hardly the first phrase that comes to mind.Yes, Edmond is an otherwise delightful little hamlet just north of Oklahoma City, but at first glance the dining options...
  • Edmond's Sumo is a suitably Japanese steakhouse for Oklahoma
    Edmond's Sumo is a suitably Japanese steakhouse for Oklahoma
    The conventional wisdom when it comes toopening a restaurantin Japan is "Do one thing, and do it well." Dining out is big business in Japan, just as in the United States, but the difference between the two is variety. While restaurants...
  • Ranch
    Fire at Boys Town Ranch
    The Boys Town Ranch in Edmond caught fire this morning, shortly after midnight, KWTV Channel 9 News in Oklahoma City is currently reporting. The Edmond Fire Department spokesperson said that electrical issues caused the fire, which started in the...
  • Missing Dogs
    Lost pets in the Greater Oklahoma City Metro area
    This is your chance to become a pet rescuer and help reunite a lost pet with their family. Every day thousands of pets are lost and families grieve for their non-human family members. These are just a few of the lost pets in the Greater Oklahoma...
  • Lottinvilles Restaurant & Bar
    Lottinvilles Restaurant & Bar where relationships begin
    Many relationships begin with the sharing of a meal and many relationships are re-kindled over good food and a relaxing environment. The perfect place to begin or re-kindle is Lottinvilles in Edmond, Ok., located at 801 Signal Ridge Drive.From the...
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