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  • Pendleton sweaters sell on eBay
    What to sell on eBay: vintage Pendleton sweaters
    Pendleton Wool sweaters have always been a good seller on eBay. A quick completed listing search shows
  • Cnova - Group Casino
    Cnova, the e-commerce subsidiary of the Casino group, boosts its performance
    Listed on Nasdaq stock market since November 20th 2014 and on Euronext Paris since January 23rd 2015, the e-commerce subsidiary of Casino group, Cnova, published last Friday a press release on its quarterly revenues. Cnova includes a series of...
  • Splender provides parents a great way to save
    Splender provides parents a great way to save
    Cartera Commerce has recently launched a new site called Splender. Splender, located in Lexington, Massachusetts, is a new eCommerce and cash back site that provides one-stop shopping and a clean and easy interface for parents and other adults to...
  • 4 things to love about the country
    4 things to love about the country
    As a city girl, I never imagined I could love the country so much, until I visited Mann Farms, a very unique destination located in the Fraser Valley, just outside of Vancouver, BC. Not only is each member of the Mann family an expert at...
  • Profit
    How ecommerce owners can still succeed with affiliate marketing being broken
    Running an eCommerce site online is naturally difficult. Competition comes with the territory. Only you’re not working against competitors locally or nationally any longer. You’re competing on a global scale. This is great for...
  • iD Commerce + Logistics Appoints New Senior IT Developer
    iD Commerce + Logistics welcomes new IT developer to the fold!
    iD Commerce + Logistics, a Chicagoland based business, has announced the appointment of Eric Adams. Mr. Adams is joining iD as a Sr. IT Developer and will be working closely with iD’s management team (Operations and Client services) to...
  • Put your eBay store on vacation this summer
    The BEST Single Reason for Having an eBay Store
    If you sell on eBay there will come a time when you will have to decide whether or not it’s in your business’ best interest to open an eBay store. It’s not a physical store, but an eBay store is your user name with many...
  • Preowned shoes are profitable on eBay
    Top 5 brands of preowned shoes to sell on eBay
    eBay is a constantly evolving marketplace. What worked a year ago may not work today. The key to continuing success, year after year, is to learn the trends and understand what brands and styles are in demand now.Shoes are a great seller on eBay...
  • E-commerce Website Design
    Endicia unveils new innovative service for international shipping
    The world that we live in today is increasingly more connected than any other time and people are constantly accessing the web for many different purposes. Giving the widespread use of the internet and cutting-edge technology lots may change. The...
  • eBay Fee Structure Changes on May 1, 2015
    eBay Fee Structure Changes on May 1, 2015
    In case you missed it, eBay fees will be changing again on May 1, 2015. It looks like eBay is encouraging sellers to think carefully about what items they put up for auction, as well as consider the benefits of having a store. Bottom line –...
  • Amazon logo
    Powerful New Amazon Seller Software – AMZ Tracker
    Last year, Amazon third party merchants shipped over 2 billion items. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) grew along with sales, at a rate of 65%, year over year. This means that the ecommerce giant Amazon is making a lot of money, but so are a lot of...
  • jewelry
    Integrating Interactive Tools Makes Online Shopping Feel Real
    Walk into an electronic store or jewelry outlet at the mall and what do you see? Customers habitually try on the products before they buy. Display versions of gold necklaces are worn. Wristwatches are previewed. Dressing rooms are part and parcel...
  • e-commerce shipping location
    Web literacy and ecommerce
    The world is becoming increasingly smaller when it comes to shopping online, but it is still a big world out there, geographically speaking. As more and more consumers opt for online purchases, web literacy is becoming ever more important. A...
  • eBay Atlanta Meet Up
    New eBay Meet Up Group starting in Atlanta, GA
    A Meet Up Group lunch meeting for eBay sellers has been scheduled for January 14, 2015 at the Peachtree Diner in Roswell, GA at 12:30. This is the first meeting of the new group. There will be a meet and greet only without an agenda or guest...
  • infrastructure
    SendGrid; the Largest Email Frame in the World
    Not so long ago in 2009 a new Boulder startup, SendGrid launched its debut by completing the TechStars boot camp program. SendGrid is a solution for companies that need to send out mass emails without the fear of them being lost to spam boxes and...
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