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  • Google's eavesdropping accusations was explained that it's the open source Chromium module that is 'always on'
    Accusations of Google eavesdropping on users via 'OK, Google' hotword
    According to Newsmax on Thursday, Google was accused of eavesdropping via an installed tool through the Chrome web browser. The incident happened this week with customers and the function involves the tool to have it constantly listening and then...
  • Trigona spinipes.
    Researcher finds some bees evolved to shout at competitors
    Certain species of stingless bees in Brazil have been found to protect their sources of nectar and pollen from potential predators by emitting signals that are equivalent to a “shout” instead of the normal “whisper” found...
  • It's about protecting national security, not about you
    It's about protecting your important butt, but not about you.
    You are a very important person. Everyone that knows you is interested in most everything you say. But if you called the White House, the Pentagon, or the NSA and asked to speak to the person in charge, would they say, "Sure [Your Name], I&...
  • Eavesdropping
    PRISM is news to Silicon Valley: Just found out in the Guardian
    When I worked for AT&T and the Bell System in the 1970’s, it was known to everyone that the telephone companies cooperated with law enforcement and Justice in pursuit of criminals and in support of criminal investigations. That has been...
  • Chicago Police
    Woman sues Chicago Police
    Tiawanda Moore, 21, who recorded two Internal Affairs Chicago Police officers, was found not guilty in August of 2011 of breaking Illinois’ anti-eavesdropping law which states that a person must know that he is being recorded before being...
  • Blackberry
    Woman acquitted of illegally recording Chicago police
    After accusing a police officer of sexually harassing her when he answered her domestic violence call, an attractive African-American woman, Tiawanda Moore, 20, thought two Chicago police internal affairs investigators were attempting to get her...
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