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  • Earthship Academy classes 2015
    Earthship Academy classes 2015
    Earthship Academy has scheduled 6 sessions on building an earthship in 2015, plus students can complete their Field Studies in July and August in Salida, Colorado. Make a reservation early before these classes get filled.Several people have...
  • Northeast Georgia earthship
    Tour northeast Georgia earthship December 2013
    If you are interested in building an earthship in the Greenville South Carolina area, owner Rosemary Kimble has notified me that there will be a free public tour of the NE Georgia earthship on Saturday, December 14th at noon. If you do not know...
  • Rammed earth buildings in the Carolinas
    Rammed earth buildings in the Carolinas
    Trying to find examples of rammed earth buildings in South Carolina is not easy despite the fact that the state is mentioned in several histories of rammed earth like the one in adobe home. "Between 1820 and 1852, a number of rammed earth...
  • Earthship home entry
    Earthships invading Carolinas
    Earthships are very common in the New Mexico area but they have been arriving in the Carolinas now and hopefully will be well-received. These Earthships are recycled, sustainable homes with walls built of tires filled with rammed dirt or gravel,...
  • See enlarged photo:
    Green building: Find or build a smart and healthy home
    If you are downsizing, upsizing, or building, chances are you are interested in a green home and green building.Many home builders are still doing business as if fossil fuels are plentiful and cheap. Even if you are not a green living devotee, no...
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