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  • Republican House overturns Obama's immigration policies
    Republican House overturns Obama's immigration policies
    The Republican U.S. House wasted no time in the new session to vote Wednesday to overturn President Barack Obama's key immigration policies. That meant approving legislation eliminating new deportation protections for millions. If they are...
  • Which women are more likely to expel an IUD?
    Which women are more likely to expel an IUD?
    An intrauterine device (IUD) is a highly effective means of birth control. However, some women do not tolerate them well and others actually expel their IUDs. A new study evaluated two popular types of IUDs: the hormonal (levonorgestrel) I.UD and...
  • gun
    8-year-old kicked out of school for making gun of rolled-up paper
    Say the word gun. On second, don’t say it! Don’t even think it. If you do, your kid might get thrown out of school.Yes, I’m exaggerating, but not by that much. The New York Post reports that an 8-year-old boy was expelled from a...
  • School
    Elementary school students arrested for bringing toy gun to school
    Suspension from school? Expulsion? Meh, chickenfeed. Kids who bring toy guns to school need is a strongerdeterrent. They need to do time in the big house, the slammer, the pokey.MLive reports:[T]wo male students were arrested on disorderly conduct...
  • The Squatters
    The power of squatters
    Because of the huge numbers of squatters all over the various parts of California, including cattle thieves and other freebooters who took from property of the old ranchos and the comparatively small number of land and cattle owners, there grew up...
  • Get out
    School expulsion for children who may have special needs
    School discipline is more complex than many people might think. At the end of the day, it is a legal process governed by state and federal laws. As with all creatures of law, the questions that come up can be quite complex. One particularly thorny...
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