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  • UnexplodedWW2Bomb
    London borough evacuated after WWII era bomb discovered
    Authorities evacuated residences and businesses in Bermondsey, Southwark after a 5-foot long, 1,000 pound World War II era bomb, complete with tail fin, was uncovered on a construction site in the heart of London on Monday, March 23. The Telegraph...
  • Machine guns outrank ties for Father’s Day gifts
    Machine guns outrank ties for Father’s Day gifts
    Giving Dad another tie for Father's Day? Or are you are the slippers or socks kind of gift provider?Either way, you have the chance to toss all that aside and have a rip roaring Father’s Day on the shooting range at the Sports Park in...
  • Florida teen expelled from school, faces felonies for explosive science project
    Florida teen expelled from school, faces felonies for explosive science project
    A teenage Florida girl was expelled from school and faces the possibility of five years in prison for an explosive science project.WTSP-TV reported Wednesday (May 1) Kiera Roslyn Wilmot, 16, of Bartow High School was arrested Monday on allegations...
  • IED's Public Safety Poster
    Does the U.S. face an I.E.D threat? You betcha it does!
    The Christian Science Monitor published an article about Improvised Explosive Devices or “IED’s”, which indicates that the United States faces a very serious threat from such weapons as are commonplace in Afghanistan and Pakistan...
  • An IED component can be as small as a pen cap
    MSU study of IED DNA
    In brief IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) are insidious gadgets used to cause great harm to persons, property and communications and come in a variety of forms. The sometimes criticized Wikipedia appears to give the best comprehensive...
  •  "The Explosive Child" .
    Review of "The Explosive Child" By Ross W. Greene, Ph D.
    "The Explosive Child" by Ross W. Greene, Ph.D. was orginally written in 1998. It has been revised three times since. The book was designed to help teach people who have to deal with chronically inflexible children a new and hopefully...
  • Angry Kid
    Explanation >>> Intervention
    If your car started sputtering down the road, you'd likely conclude that it's time to take it in for some repairs. Maybe that means you take it in to the repair shop, or you're fortunate enough to know someone who could make those...
  • Danger.
    You don't need the Olympic lifts
    The Olympic lifts (the snatch and the clean and jerk, for those not in the know) seem to be a controversial topic in the world of sports performance. Many coaches think that they are all the athlete needs to improve his or her strength, explosive...
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