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  • The Best Worst Mad Doctors of Horror
    The Best Worst Mad Doctors of Horror
    Of the many tropes of horror, one of the most endearing is the “mad scientist,” the unhinged doctor who plays God or tempts fate in what he or she may consider a beneficial endeavor for mankind but, in reality, turns out to be a...
  • Human testing.
    Russians eagerly participate in risky weight loss experiments
    According to the New York Times the international pharmaceutical industry has had a difficult time finding human test subjects in the United States and Europe…so they’ve turned to Russia.The, ‘Russians Eagerly Participate in...
  • Goldfish
    Addressing the myth: Goldfish have three-second memories (Video)
    It is popularly held that gold fish are only able to remember very short spans of time. Even though the myth was debunked years ago, many still believe that the low-maintenance pets have three-second long memories.In 2008, Rory Stokes, who was...
  • detainee
    Pentagon may have preformed medical experiments on Guantanamo detainees
    I received a rather strange report about possible medical experiments being preformed on Guantanamo prison detainees under the guise of malaria treatment, back in 2003 and 2004 that I initially discounted as not very credible.However further...
  • Sounding rocket diagram
    Summer Rocket Workshop: University students, get your experience started!
    The annual Summer Rocket Workshop is coming up on June 16 - 21 and will be held at NASA's Wallop Flight Facility on Virginia's Eastern Shore. All university faculty and students are invited.The workshop, held in partnership with the...
  • candy
    Sweet science
    Now that October has arrived, it’s time to start thinking about Halloween. Preparations for parties, costumes, what to pass out to trick-or-treaters; these are thoughts that run through most peoples’ minds.As one who cringes at the...
  • Pinecones
    Pinecone projects for school
    Seattle area teachers and home-schoolers take heart. Instead of assigning the same old boring projects this year, consider the pinecone. Pinecones provide easy opportunity for projects, there are many different kinds of pinecones native to the...
  • Hosts of TV show Mythbusters
    The Works - Science and Engineering Museum
    One of the best kept secrets in the Twin Cities is this small museum tucked away in Edina. The Works is a fun hands-on experience for kids of all ages who want to learn how things work. Admission is currently $5 per person for everyone over the...
  • Drew Barrymore
    Review of Firestarter
    Year: 1984Director: Mark L. Lester Writer: Stanley Mann (screenplay) & Stephen King (novel)Type of Horror: Science Experiment Gone WrongOut of 5 Stars (Bad, OK, Good, Great, Awesome): 3 ½“Firestarter”, which is based on a...
  • Science Fair
    Philadelphia area science fair participants: tell us about your project
    Every year, somemarvelous and amazingideas and experiments are part of science fairs all over the Philadelphia region. Before you finally consign the tri-fold board that consumed so many of your days and nights to the corner of the attic, tell the...
  • tumbled_stones_250.jpg
    Online science resources for homeschoolers
    Homeschooling parents are always looking for quality resources, helps, activities and science experiments to enrich their teaching. Hopefully they will also be inexpensive or free, of quality, and easy to access. The search for these go out...
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