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  • Merrill Lynch
    I received such positive feedback on my interview withShankar Iyer of Merrill Lynchthat I decided to offer you more investment insights from Mr. Iyer.Because of the tremendous growth within the Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) Industry (an18%...
  • Money
    7 reasons why ETFs are better than mutual funds
    ETF, in case you are not familiar with the term, stands for Exchange Traded Fund, which is an investment vehicle similar to a mutual fund, with some decided benefits. They have become increasingly popular among non-retirement fund investments over...
  • Growing risk of ETF investing
    The growing risk of ETF investing
    Exchange-traded funds, or ETFs, have exploded onto the investment scene since the first ETF was launched in 1990. The evolution of ETF equities have essentially leveled the playing field for retail investors allowing them to jump into an entire...
  • A Smart, Tax-Free Way To Invest In Real Estate
    A Smart, Tax-Free Way To Invest In Real Estate
    The real estate market is still recovering from the economic collapse of 2008. And while real estate values in Philadelphia weren’t hit as hard as in other major cities, many people are still trepidatious about investing in real estate...
  • This Swiss Coin will hold it's value longer than fiat currency
    New Highs on Precious Metals-Profit taking and Headed North Again
    As gold and silver are making new intra-day highs, then diving below the close of the day before, only to pick up steam once again and still manage to close higher substantially for each metal. Percentage wise, silver is by doing superbly. The 52...
  • SPX over last 10 years
    How to trade in a bear market with your IRA
    This article presents two extraordinary strategies for mushrooming your capital in bear markets. Both are allowed in IRAs.The tax code has discouraged trading during bear markets in IRAs. Shorting stocks has not been allowed. Even in regular...
  • Joyce at Blackboard
    A Minor Disappointment
    The other day I ran into my old friend, Joyce, who teaches at the Blue Ridge Community College in Hendersonville. Periodically, she attends my Séances where a group of us meet to discuss trading strategies and the stock market. Recently, she...
  • Stock Equity
    Trading Options as a Conservative Investment Strategy
    Every trade involves risk; be it trading stocks, ETFs, mutual funds or options. This article will demonstrate that options can be traded to minimize risk.Profit FactorPrior to analyzing our strategies we require a means of measuring the quality of...
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