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  • Civil war forecasted in Spain as secession threatens
    Civil war forecasted in Spain as secession threatens
    Spain has always had a serious domestic issue which often evolves into violence. The Basque movement, an openly socialist movement, has already gained a privileged financing system with Spain throughout the Basque and Navarre regions. Today, the...
  • Gas Prices
    Gas prices continue upward march
    Gas prices continued to tip upward, to an average price of $3.83 a gallon, the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) said Monday. The average price for regular gas rose 26 cents from a year ago, and was up four cents from last week.In some...
  • Vans Warped Tour heads to Dallas despite rains
    The 2010 Vans Warped Tour comes to Dallas, TX
    The 2010 Vans Warped Tour rolls into town this Saturday, July 3rd with a schedule that includes well over 50 bands and special acts along with over 25 nonprofit organizations. The music festival travels the country each summer hitting major...
  • The Dan Family says Good-Bye
    The Alamo in Fort Worth puts on the kind of shows that you miss
    What happened last Friday night in Fort Worth was unbelievable. In some ways, it was a transcendent experience, moving the clock back to 1990, while at the same time fast forwarding the tech, sound and content to 2010. Picture the scene. Dimly lit...
  • Elvis Took Acid
    Elvis Took Acid in Fort Worth
    Rock/ Punk Rock band, Elvis Took Acid (ETA) played at Ridglea Theater on Friday April 16th to a crowded lounge. The four-piece from Dallas started as ETA. They've changed the acronym several times from Estimated Time of Arrival to End this All...