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  • Understanding Baseball Stats:Pitching
    Understanding Baseball Stats: Pitching
    With high school baseball season heating up and the MLB preseason underway it seems like a good time to review just what the never-ending stream of statistics that baseball uses to track player and team performance mean. Knowing what basic stats...
  • Iconic 40 film noire Press for Champagne at Montage Beverly Hills
    Beverly Hills Celebrates 100th Anniversay Hotel Suite 100
    Beverly Hills most luxurious hotels joined together in Spring 2014 to celebrate the city’s 100 anniversary. Special guests and media were invited to experience each hotel suite and celebrate with appetizers and drinks of the era all...
  • Travis Wood hoping for extension
    Cubs Travis Wood hoping for extension
    Travis Wood had potential his first three seasons in the big leagues for the Cincinnati Reds and the Cubs, even though his ERA was 4.22 and his win loss record was 17-23. Fast forward to this season and he’s 6-6 with a 2.79 ERA which is 9th...
  • Obama on climate change
    Obama grabs power with radical climate agenda
    President Obama announced an aggressive plan for global warming. Using his executive powers, the president will get around those determined skeptics he calls “Flat Earth Deniers,” whom he claims have blocked Congress from approving a...
  • Mila Kunis burns bra: 'Meridian Hills' 1972 women's lib drama produced by Kunis (Video)
    Mila Kunis burns bra: 'Meridian Hills' 1972 women's lib drama produced by Kunis (Video)
    It was announced on Tuesdaythat Mila Kunis is slated to be the Executive Producer for "Meridian Hills" a 1972 a women's lib drama. Yes, Kunis the woman who is known world over as the sexiest woman alive and the winner of the Holy...
  • Kershaw dominates in season finale against Giants
    Kershaw dominates in season finale against Giants
    With another year out of the playoff, the Dodgers had nothing left to play for except pride and to build on something greater for the 2013 season. Clayton Kershaw had an opportunity to land back to back ERA titles. He'd be the second Dodger to...
  • Mudstained for ERA
    Women are more than wombs
    The war on women seems to have been largely reduced to the issue of contraception, successfully diverting attention away from the need for full constitutional protection for women via the Equal Rights Amendment. And that is wrong, because women...
  • "Stand Your Ground" law does not apply to women
    Marissa Alexander proves the stand your ground law does not protect women
    Why are women denied the basic right to defend themselves when threatened with violence by a spouse or significant other?Domestic violence?There is nothing "domestic" about violence.Marissa Alexander, a Florida mother who was threatened...
  • Bride
    Name changes in marriage causing women problems in Florida
    In 1973, NBC news anchor, John Chancellor announced that “Ms” had been added to the U.S. Government’s list of acceptable prefixes. He said, “Ms, says the Government is, quote, ‘an optional female title without marital...
  • Still Fighting for Equal Pay
    Grothman statement and Wisconsin repeal underscore need for ERA
    April 17 is Equal Pay Day, the day when the typical woman’s earnings catch up to those her male counterpart earned in2011, and working moms are up in arms over Republican State Senator Glenn Grothman’s statement that money is more...
  • Bank Teller
    Has the banking industry really been good to women?
    Men still have a strangle-hold on the highest levels of bank management positions. But walk into any bank and look around. It is obvious that more and more banks are promoting women into lower and middle management positions.This has been a...
  • Burning of the bra
    Burning of the bra
    I am an original fight for women’s rights woman of the 70’s. I grew up in Enid, Oklahoma, so when I watched TV and woman in the big cities were burning their bras, I got it. But so many did not. Some found it stupid, some found it...
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