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  • Emirates A380
    Emirates offers 2-for-1 airfare to Dubai from Seattle and seven other US cities
    If Dubai is on your travel bucket list, this is the week to book. From March 9-12, 2015Emirates is offering two-for-one round trip airfares from nine US gateways, including Seattle. The other cities include San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago,...
  • Emirates Airlines brings the Airbus A380 to Houston
    Emirates Airlines brings the Airbus A380 to Houston
    December 3rd marks a big step for Houston aviation, a big step literally. Emirates Airlines became the official second carrier to bring the Airbus A380 to Houston on flight UAE211 from Dubai to Houston and flight UAE212 from Houston back to Dubai....
  • Man tied up on plane after trying to smoke
    Man tied up on plane after trying to smoke
    A man was restrained on a plane after he repeatedly tried to smoke on a flight to Brisbane, Australia reported The Courier-Mail on January 2, 2014.Mathias Jorg, 54, was tied up by the Emirates flight crew after he allegedly became aggressive after...
  • UAE stages spectacular 42nd birthday show
    UAE stages spectacular 42nd birthday show
    Guess how one of the world's wealthiest countries – perhaps the wealthiest – celebrated its birthday this year. By creating the world's most fantastic, jaw-dropping, eye-popping, heart-fluttering stage show, of course. Only...
  • Dubai Airshow, Emirates a big spender
    Dubai Airshow, Emirates a big spender
    At the Dubai Airshow this week, there are plenty of large orders from Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airlines, dubbed the 'Gulf 3.' In fact they purchase $150 billion of commercial airliners on Sunday, the first day of the show. These carriers...
  • Boeing 1,000th 777 jetliner
    Video: Boeing and Emirates celebrate 1,000th 777 aircraft
    Boeing and more than 5,000 employees, suppliers, customers and government officials celebrated the 1,000th 777 at a special event on Friday. The 1,000th 777 jetliner will be delivered to Dubai-based Emirateslater this month."As the largest...
  • Sheik Zayed Mosque, Abu Dhabi
    MSC Cruise Sale for the Emirates and Oman
    MSC Cruises is offering a limited-time sale for two guests in a seven-night cruise through the Arabic Sea. Guests who book select 2011-12 Middle East itineraries on MSC Lirica can save up to 50 percent off per person.The ship is the smallest one...
  • Boeing flying high with $18 billion deal with government-owned Emirates carrier
    Boeing flying high with $18 billion deal with government-owned Emirates carrier
    Boeing is celebrating its largest deal to date. The airline Emirates, a government-owned carrier, ordered 50Boeing777 jetliners at the Dubai Air Show on Sunday. (Boeing, with its Cummings Research Park location in Huntsville and Delta Launch...
  • Virgin Atlantic Airways flight attendants attracted the most votes in a recent 2011 survey by the Business Travel and Meetings Show for the sexiest airline cabin crews.
    Survey picks top 5 sexiest cabin crews
    In a highly subjective, politically incorrect, and what some might even consider controversial survey of 1000 predominately British citizens by the Business Travel and Meetings Show (BTMS), held at Earls Court, London during February each year,...
  • pythons
    Airline travel gone crazy! Infant shut in overhead and carry-on pythons
    Australian airline Virgin Blue has fired a flight attendant after a baby was placed in an overhead storage compartment as part of a game of peek-a-boo that included the child’s dad. The flight attendant claims that the incident was nothing...
  • Virgin Atlantic’s Upper Class Suite offers a colorful cabin where passengers can meet each other in a relaxed atmosphere. With free massages on offer, no set meal times and an attractive bar area
    Top seven luxury airlines
    Times may be tough and money tight, but that shouldn't stop you from dreaming about things beyond your reach. According to a recent article in the Airline Post, certain airlines know how to throw a good party, especially at the pointy end of...
  • Emirates, JetBlue announce partnership
    JetBlue, Emirates announce partnership
    Customers of Emirates will soon be able to travel to more destinations in the United States via a new partnership with JetBlue Airways, the two airlines announced Monday. Emirates is the international airline of the United Arab Emirate of Dubai,...
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