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  • Egyptian Courts Convict Muslim Brotherhood Supporters
    Egyptian Courts Convict Muslim Brotherhood Supporters
    Two Egyptian courts have sentenced another 170 people for crimes relating to the riots last year after former President Morsi was ousted from office. Charged with crimes of attacking Churchs, police stations, and a sports stadium none of the...
  • Fun to cook with your kids
    Cooking with kids: buttermilk biscuits
    Did you know biscuits are said to have first appeared 10,000 years ago in China, where dry rice pies with sesame and fruits were made?Other stories mention that the Assyrians prepared thin rusks made of barley and wheat dough, which they then...
  • Tourists
    Giant Ancient Egyptians Visited the Grand Canyon
    “Have you ever seen the Grand Canyon? And do you like surprises? I must tell you about this one Tom threw at me!” says Jonathan Gray of Here is the story from Gray’s latestnewsletter, presented with his kind...
  • Egyptian inventions in use today
    Egyptian inventions in use today
    The pyramids of Egypt demonstrate the remarkable skill and craftsmanship of Ancient Egyptians who are credited with inventing a plethora of useful products. In fact, many of the school supplies we use today were created by Egyptians.The Calendar....
  • Pizza
    Italy is losing pizza makers: Shortage of pizza in Italy
    Italy has always been famous for their Italian cooks. From pizza to pasta, they make it all over there. However, now they are having a hard time keeping their pizza makers because they don't want to do the job anymore. Why? Because they say...
  • Who was the great translator of Egyptian Joseph Smith or Champollion ?
    Who was the great translator of Egyptian Joseph Smith or Champollion ?
    So the question is asked. Was Joseph Smith the greatest natural translator who has lived. The first and obvious demonstration of his talents were the invisible gold tablets that were given him by the angel Moroni which he placed in his hat and...
  • Pharos of Alexandria lighthouse 3D detailed reconstruction of the PHAROS based on to a recent (2006) extensive study of the building.
    We are called to be 'keepers of light' shining the beacon for wayward vessels
    Thelighthouse is a tower or other structure displaying or flashing a very bright lighttoguideships in avoiding dangerous areas,by following certain routes. The lighthouse was created to help maritime pilots maneuver off the coastline and through...
  • The Egyptian Scarab
    Lucy Wyatt on surviving the 21st century through the knowledge of the ancients
    Lucy Wyatt is the author of "Approaching Chaos: Could an Ancient Archetype Save C21st Civilization?" You will find this interview filled with wisdom about how the ancients lived and applying that knowledge to surviving the 21st century....
  • Sphinx in Egypt
    King Tut Day
    November 4th is King Tut Day. King Tutankhamen had a tomb created just for him and on this day it was discovered many years ago. This is amazing because this person lived in B.C. times. This tomb is very old, over 3,000 years old, yet held up to...
  • Egyptian Protesters
    Up to date news on political situation in Egypt
    Feb 3rd. What began over a week ago in protests against the Egyptian government continues to rage on in the country. Literally, every hour something new is happening, mostly in or around Tahrir Square in Cairo.To stay abreast of the events in...
  • Egyptians Clash in Cairo
    "I Will Set Egyptians Against Egyptians"
    This Friday, Muslims and Egyptian-Americans will take to the streets of Charlotte on Friday to march in support of the Egyptian people. But which side will they be supporting?Watching the clashes in Egypt unfold Wednesday was disheartening as the...
  • Exodus
    Parsha to the People: Bo
    Beneath the drama of 10 plagues we witness an important stage in the spiritual evolution of our ancestors. In the Exodus narrative we observe the transformation of Israelite clans, all of whom who had grown up in slavery, as they become a nation...
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