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  • Jury Rights Kiosk in NYC
    Silk Road 'mastermind' railroaded by the feds
    As of today, according to the Ross Ulbricht Legal Defense Fund, the perpetually delayed and rescheduled trial of Ross Ulbricht, former academic honors student at the Nanotech Institute at the University of Texas at Dallas will begin Tuesday,...
  • Jury Rights Posters
    Jury rights activists rally in NYC around Silk Road trial
    The trial of Ross Ulbricht, accused by the federal government of running the Silk Road "dark web" site on the Internet, kicks off on Monday, January 5, in New York City. Libertarians see the trial as yet another unjust victimless crime...
  • What's next? The true story of a life restored
    Hear our story: believe in yours
    Dane Boyle and Mary Shahan continue the up-lifting story of love, life and importance of healthy living in Part III of Hear Our Story: believe in yours. They will share how rewarding choosing to be active and living life fully can be even in the...
  • Preventing Prematurity:World Prematurity Day 2013
    Preventing Prematurity:World Prematurity Day 2013
    Today marks a special day for millions of people and their babies. November 17th is World Prematurity Day. Every year 15 million babies are born early. It is considered the leading cause for an infant deaths each year.Researchers had estimated...
  • Students learn about native Nevada fish
    French Ford Middle School students learn about NV's native fish at Ecology Days
    Trout Unlimited plays a vital role in helping to educate all kinds of people about the importance of preserving, protecting and sustaining Nevada’s native fish populations. Recently, members of the Sagebrush TU chapter recently visited...
  • E R Dickerson Elementary School Career Fair Day
    E R Dickerson Elementary School Career Fair Day
    E R Dickerson Elementary School located at 4645 Bit and Spur Road Mobile Alabama 36608 hosted a career fair day for the Grades K2 age group on 10/05/12.The school principal invited many agencies from local and the public service sector to come to...
  • Constitution Day September 17 observed by PBC students
    Constitution Day September 17 observed by PBC students (Video)
    Originally known as the Articles of Confederation, the U.S. Constitution as commemorated on “Constitution Day” September 17th each year, formation and signing (U.S. Constitution) by thirty-nine brave men took place on September 17,...
  • Brazilian Red Tail Boa
    Red tail red flag
    Snakes can seem very cute and harmless behind the glass of your local pet store. They are small, timid, and seem very manageable as juveniles. A simple explanation of their routine care by the salesman at the store and anyone can be convinced of...
  • The lie of pet overpopulation continues
    The lie of pet overpopulation continues
    Do you ever wonder why you believe the things you believe? Really, do you ever wonder? For instance, have you ever wondered why you keep hearing that there are too many animals compared to available homes, and that this presumed “fact”...
  • Generation On
    Generation On Program
    Generation On has become a very unique and strong global youth service movement, they are igniting the power of all kids to make their mark on the world. Generation On has brought the nations leading youth services organization and programs...
  • Job application
    A more focused approach to success
    Being unemployed in a shaky economy can be very difficult and frustrating. Many Nebraskans are facing hard financial times and an uncertain future. What’s the next step? Figure out how to make the best of a bad situation. What can I do to...
  • WV Highlands has investigated loss of mayflies due to mountain mining. Solar panels can be adapted.
    Solar panels that look like water attract aquatic bugs. Go green in Baltimore in balance with nature
    The heat wave has us thinking about water, a lot. Fortunately, we’ve finally got some rain and wildlife, flora and fauna can recoup a bit from lost hydration. Our energy systems have been stretched to power limits so much so that BG&E...
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