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  • Eating Gluten-Free on a Budget
    How to eat gluten-free without breaking the bank
    Fanny Seto, editor-in-chief of SF-based personal finance site Living Richly on a Budget, was always able to eat anything until one fateful day in December of 2011, when she started having anaphylactic reactions to multiple foods. Wheat was one of...
  • Guy Fieri, host of Diners, Drive-ins & Dives
    Minnesota restaurants featured on foodie T.V. shows
    Have you ever watched the Food Network and wished you could eat at one the restaurants featured on Diner's Drive-Ins and Dives, or Man vs. Food, or even Food Wars? Guess what? You can!Minnesota is home to many of the eateries showcased on the...
  • food allergy
    Food allergy tattoos for kids
    Food allergies in the US are on the rise. According to FARE (Food Allergy and Research Education), about 8% of children, or 6 million kids, have food allergies. With school starting, parents have growing concerns that their children will not...
  • breakfast in mexico
    My cardinal rules of food and eating to enjoy life
    So often when having an especially sublime or especially horrendous eating experience, I think to myself, this is a lesson to remember on some level. I decided to compile a few of the rules I've had in the back of my mind for some time and...
  • balance your life
    Eating, Fitness and Sleep: The Lifestyle of an Entrepreneur
    Many times in entrepreneurial routines, we get "super productive.” “Super productive” times are times when we are working more hours than normal, pushing to meet deadlines, and completing grueling projects. Hours slip away,...
  • Donuts galore
    Food cravings nagging at you?
    You should always listen to your food cravings, but that does not mean you need to give into them. They do not always have a clear meaning either as to why you are having these cravings.While there are times that your body is letting you know it...
  • Resources we need
    Resources we need
    Caregiver’s have relied on multiple services to help defray the physical demands and financial demands of their life. One which is in need of a major overhaul is Adult Day Care or Respite. Several years ago (1980’s and earlier 1990...
  • How to achieve and maintain good moods, part 2 of 2
    How to achieve and maintain good moods, part 2 of 2
    Our temperament affects our mental and physical health, including performance, acuity, and social well-being. Usually, persistent negative thoughts signal several types and levels of depression. This affects the elderly more than any other age...
  • Chef
    Diner's ready, everybody eat!
    Chef: “R” (115 minutes)Starring: Jon Favreau, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, John Leguizamo, Sofia VergaraDirected by: Jon FavreauHere is a hope-filled, heart-warming, Indie film from the guy who gave us the first two Iron Man...
  • stomach ache
    How to Stop Gas after Eating
    Have you ever been in a situation wherein you knew that you had to pass gas or burp but you were trying to avoid it because you were with people that you would like to impress? Almost everyone has gone through this situation and this is truly...
  • Yoga
    Scientists urge greater focus on lifestyle factors to prevent cancer
    Billions of dollars and countless hours are expended every year by drug manufacturers, scientists and researchers who franticly look for a cure or improved treatment options for cancer. Yet, the most important factors—diet, environmental and...
  • Family Eating Lunch Together
    Getting your picky eater to eat
    Children can sometimes be picky when it comes to food. When cooking meal you want to make sure your child gets a balance of nutrients. This can sometimes be hard if they won't eat the meals.In most cases, a child who is a picky eater won't...
  • foods
    Are We Really What we Eat?
    It’s no secret that Americans love to eat. Really love to eat. That’s why obesity is such an epidemic in the country. That, along with a sedentary lifestyle, puts millions of Americans at risk for major health problems. But is there...
  • Places to eat in Disneyland: New Orleans Square
    Places to eat in Disneyland: New Orleans Square
    For guests who are hungry and in Disneyland's New Orleans Square finding a place to be is easier then one might think. Below is a list of three places guests can eat in New Orleans Square.
  • Nom Nom Paleo: Great apps for healthy eating
    Nom Nom Paleo: Great apps for healthy eating
    Paleo and Primal lifestyles are becoming more than a fad. These diets include high protein and veggie intake, and no grain/gluten intake. One of the interesting things about these diets, is that they have incredible online communities. The '...