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  • Teflon's toxins found in water supply of 27 states
    Teflon's toxins found in water supply of 27 states
    I remember how excited my mother was when she got her first “non-stick” Teflon-coated frying pan, and how upset she was years later when the US Environmental Protection Agency found that the PFOA (perflurooctanic acid), also known as...
  • Dupont Calvados Vielle Reserve
    As good as it gets: Dupont Calvados Vieille Reserve
    When you stroll through the wonderfully diverse world of great spirits, occasionally you come across certain singular pleasures you stop in your tracks, brought to an appreciative halt by the perfect evocation of fruit, maturation and place....
  • Hagley Museum Wilmington, Del.
    Hagley Museum Wilmington, Del.
    In order to understand the DuPont story, it is important to start at the beginning and that means heading to Hagley Museum in Wilmington, Del. The museum has recently been designated as a Smithsonian Affiliate which is a very good thing for the...
  • To be closed
    DuPont to shut down historic trail access
    After decades of unfettered use, area hikers and mountain bikers are losing access to part of the historic Cannonball Trail. DuPont, owner of a small strip of land at the trailhead on Barbara Drive in Pompton Lakes, has announced that the short...
  •  DuPont
    DuPont lawsuit: DuPont sued over cancer
    The DuPont lawsuit is related to claims that the company knew it was contaminating water. The Huffington Post reports on Oct. 26 that the lawsuit involves nine people from Ohio and West Virginia. They have cancer and believe DuPont is responsible...
  • homegrown celery
    How Monsanto will be beaten
    In researching the past few columns I discovered there are a lot of groups out there that really, really HATE Monsanto.I’m sure they’re not wild about DuPont, Dow Chemical, or Bayer Pharmaceuticals either, all of which have developed...
  • Sony Pictures Classics acquires Bennett Miller’s ‘Foxcatcher’
    Sony Pictures Classics acquires Bennett Miller’s ‘Foxcatcher’
    Sony Pictures Classics, the art-house film division of Sony Pictures Entertainment, has picked up distribution rights to director Bennett Miller’s latest project ‘Foxcatcher’.The film stars Steve Carell, Mark Ruffalo, and...
  • DuPont CEO Helen Kullman
    DuPont won't pull back on R&D, agri, CEO Kullman says
    CHICAGO - DuPont Chairman and CEO Ellen Kullman told the Executives' Club of Chicago last week the so-called "fiscal cliff," if it hits, would mean a "rapid and severe" reaction in the economy and result in a "pull...
  • U.S. patent office logo
    Dupont praises Obama in overhauling the U.S. patent system
    Wilmington, Delaware based chemical giant DuPont has praised recent improvements in the patent office application process which include giving fast track reviews for green technology projects. Significant changes in the U.S. patent system became...
  • Innovalight
    DuPont acquires solar technology company Innovalight
    Chemical giant DuPont has announced the acquisition of Innovalight in an effort to expand its solar material portfolio. Innovalight specializes in advanced silicon inks and process technologies that increase the efficiency of crystalline silicon...
  • Italian Garden
    Flowers, fountains and family fun at Longwood Gardens
    Escape the city heat by heading to Longwood Gardens, one of the world's premiere botanical destinations, featuring thousands of colorful plants and more water fountains than any other garden in the country. A visit to this 1,077 acre flowering...
  • Quaint and creative, Plum Blossom is the perfect spot for a quiet, relaxed sushi dinner.
    Quaint and creative, Plum Blossom sushi delights in Dupont
    Plum Blossom, a hidden gem on 18th Street in North Dupont/South Adams Morgan, pleases the palate with creative sushi concoctions such as the Washington, DC Roll (asparagus, cucumber, tuna), the Double Spicy Tuna, Spicy Kitty, and Plantain. Plum...
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