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  • Under The Dome
    Under The Dome Episode Commentary: "Force Majeure"
    If there's one thing we learned about “Under The Dome," it's that there is always a new mystery taking place- as each character has their own backstory. Before Chester's Mill was covered by a mysterious dome, there were...
  • TV Series
    Four TV series you have to start now
    One of the most painful things in the world is to have a beloved television program end. It may have been canceled, or it may have reached its natural death. But nothing feels worse than saying good-bye to a cast of characters you've grown to...
  • New foldable Geodesic DOM(E)
    New foldable Geodesic DOM(E)
    The latest version of a geodesic dome home was released in May 2013 by the Latvian architectural firm NRJA, which stands for No Rule Just Architecture. The creation of a team of young architects at average age of 25 years is a prefabricated...
  • Grave Digger
    Monster Trucks return to "Rock the Dome" in Tacoma Washington
    Car crushing Robosaurus joins the massiveMonster Trucksat the Tacoma Dome, Friday January 4, through Sunday, January 6, 2013. Witness the "Battle of the Monster Trucks"as they fire up their engines and "Rock the Dome". Join in...
  • Passion 2013 over 40,000 college students going to ROCK the Georgia DOME!
    Passion 2013 over 40,000 college students going to ROCK the Georgia DOME!
    In January 2013, Passion Conference, where over 40,000 students and leaders from around the worldare returning to The Dome. This conference starts on January 1, 2013 and closes on January 4, 2013. The Fee for this amazing event is so reasonable...
  • Corazón Under the Dome
    Mini-musical historical spectacular of San Francisco under the Westfield dome
    Much like the canopy multimedia spectacular of the Fremont Street Experience in downtown Las Vegas, Corazón Under the Dome is an animated 3-D light show that celebrates the heart of San Francisco under the landmark Emporium dome in the Westfield...
  • The-Egg-Plans-Duomo-of-Florence-Brunelleschi
    History's Breakfast: The Egg
    It is amazing how one small thing, such as an egg, can influence decisions, and even a whole Renaissance! As seen on ‘Empires’ from the Medici series, there is a short story about an egg and its simplicity. Filippo Brunelleschi can...
  • BP containment box suffers setback. Ice crystals formed.
    Top News: BP containment box suffers setback, ice crystals (photos, video)
    Top News: BP containment box experiences setback, ice crystals (photos, video) Biloxi, Mississippi -- CNN reports that BP's effort to lower a giant containment box over the underwater wellhead, in order to stop the oil leak in the Gulf of...
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