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  • Directions
    The ceiling is high for Manchester NH's Directions
    Directions from Manchester New Hampshire, have that pop punk, post-emo sound that I am truly a lush for. Strong sing-a -long choruses, pop influenced melodies, and soft distortion tones to make anyone feel like pogo pitting. Each song has it'...
  • American Sign Museum
    Following signs in the Christian life
    Cincinnati is home to the only public sign museum in the United States. The American Sign Museum, located at 1330 Monmouth St. in Cincinnati, contains over two-hundred signs which date from the early twentieth century to more modern neon signs....
  • Anime Boston Logo
    Anime Boston 2012: Directions
    Not sure how to get to Anime Boston this year? Here are directions from New Hampshire to get to the Hynes Convention Center in Boston.Take Route 93 South into city. Exit at Cambridge/Storrow Drive (26B). Follow Storrow Drive approximately 2 miles...
  • MrsCEO Dana Neal
    The End is at Hand
    Its time to go! It is time to get on track with your life, and get your feet moving. God is calling you to do something new IN HIM and you are waiting on the sky to fall to do that. Don’t apologize for what you missed, repent and keep it...
  • Magellan® RoadMate® 5175T-LM Traveler GPS
    Product review: The Magellan® RoadMate® 5175T-LM Traveler GPS
    Company Product Description ~ The Magellan® RoadMate® 5175T-LM Traveler GPS navigator helps you create and enjoy spontaneous adventures – whether you are on break between business meetings or looking for vacation attractions. With a...
  • Helicopter View
    Google's Maps now sport a helicopter view of your route
    There have been times that protesters have prevented Google Street View cars from entering areas before, but they won't be able to do anything about this: a helicopter or aerial view of Google Maps.Follow me on Twitterandon FacebookUsers will,...
  • Microphone
    American Idol Is Coming To Charleston!
    If you’re in the south east and you think you can sing, you’re in luck! The famed television show American Idol, known for giving obscure hopefuls a shot at making their dreams come true, is making a stop in Charleston, SC.The...
  • Tom Tom
    Those Prickly Patterns
    Even a GPS can make you face your patterns. All you have to do is pay attention. Here’s the scoop: just drove home from a meeting in another state and those old, ingrained beliefs kind of smacked me in the face; in a fun way.Our GPS (we...
  • Bike Directions pic
    Google Maps extends bike directions service to Canadians
    Google’s online navigation service, Google Maps will be giving out bike directions to many of Canada’s top cities. The move comes 8 months after the Bike Directions service made its initial launch in the United States.The announcement...
  • The turn around is located directly after this Clarion Hotel, so stay to the left and pay attention!
    Turn Around at JAX
    When driving to the airport in Jacksonville, it is important to pay attention to the signs. However, this can be tricky to do during busy traffic hours, stressful family/business moments, or just while driving. It is important to note that...
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