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  • Ideas for writing memoirs
    Ideas for writing memoirs
    Memoir writing is becoming more and more popular. In the past, ordinary people rarely thought of writing their memoirs aside from keeping a diary or journal. But we are now more aware of the fact that everyone’s life, no matter how simple or...
  • CW Network
    TV Pilot 'The Messengers' seeks talent in New Mexico filming begins March 17
    The CW network has picked up “The Messengers” for TV Pilot. It will beginning filming in the state of New Mexico on Monday March 17, 2014. It will join 5 other TV pilots ordered by the network.According to “Variety” , ...
  • Memories
    Famous people who kept a diary or a journal and why you should keep one too
    You can never go back to the past but keeping a diary or journal can enable you to remember the past. By reading previous entries in your diary or journal, you can read about that special day in your life or how you managed to get through a...
  • HBO's Love, Marilyn and the part of her letters that showed her real self
    HBO's Love, Marilyn and the part of her letters that showed her real self
    Whether from movie stars, political leaders, athletes or John and Jane Doe, handwritten letters of yesteryear make headlines when found. And sometimes they make television productions, as did the found diaries, letters and poems of Marilyn Monroe...
  • Diary Entry
    Dear Diary
    Communication is sheer frustration for many with Autism Spectrum Disorder. What can appear as "acting out" or a "meltdown" is more likely to be occurring because the person cannot find the words to express how they feel....
  • Chernobyl Diairies Movie Poster
    Review of Chernobyl Diaries
    Teenagers go on vacation at a secluded place and get attack by forces they neither understand nor comprehend. Sound familiar? Chernobyl Diaries is anything but familiar—it is a wild fantasy adventure set in the crumbling alien world of...
  • Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly
    A tale of two lives: Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly
    Andi’s life is falling apart, fast. Her beloved little brother, Truman, has been dead for two years and her family has still not been able to heal. Her mother is in the iron grip of depression; her father is engulfed in his new life, and...
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