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  • The delusion of oaths
    The delusion of oaths
    In Matthew 5:33-37 Jesus referred to a series of laws in the Old Testament relating to the theme of not swearing falsely. Making an oath and not fulfilling it is wrong. Jesus encouraged his disciples not to swear such oaths, but to just say yes or...
  • Delusions are different from illusions
    Delusions are different from illusions
    Illusion as defined by the means, “A perception, as of visual stimuli (optical illusion), that represents what is perceived in a way different from the way it is in reality.” This is the type of stuff you might see...
  • Delusion: Blood Rite
    Jon Braver and Neil Patrick Harris co-produce 'Delusion: Blood Rite' in LA
    Imagine entering a haunted house Halloween experience, only to find that instead of merely watching the events unfold, you have become part of the story. The choices you make move the plot forward, and the terrible frights you experience depend in...
  • Is it really Jesus?
    Delusional Jesus Sightings
    Followers of Christ are so desperate to make a connection with him that they imagine his face and image in everything from a pancake to a dog’s butt. Is it divine intervention or a mental projection? “Pareidolia” is the...
  • The hunger you are starved for
    The hunger you are starved for
    In the movie The Death of a Salesman, the plot of the story is of a man whose whole life was one big delusion. Willy Loman, faked success in business and faked being faithful to his wife, and even pretended to his children he was a great man whose...
  • delusional
    You're never wrong when you make up the Truth
    I have noted here before that we should forget baseball, the true American pastime is self-delusion; perhaps it is a product of us still being a young country, of having no really common identity, but we always seem ready to believe the most...
  • Glenn Beck channels the spirit of Rev. Ike
    Glenn Beck channels the spirit of Rev. Ike
    At an National Rifle Association rally in Charlotte on May 15, 2010, Fox News commentator Glenn said:"This country will never fail by an outside force," he said. "This country will only be destroyed if we destroy ourselves."...
  • resized_turn.jpg
    The Immorality of Christianity
    During the next month there will be countless stories, articles and blog entries about Christ being the "reason for the season" and how "having faith" is not just important, but a necessary part of our lives. More implicitly,...
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