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  • Autonomous Audi to drive from San Francisco to New York City
    Autonomous Audi to drive from San Francisco to New York City
    An Audi SQ5 is being prepared to hit the road autonomouslyon a cross-country journey. The mainly driverless vehicle will travel from San Francisco to New York City and is scheduled to arrive just in time for the famed New York International Auto...
  • Know Thyself
    3 Simple rules for a happy life
    "You always own the option of having no opinion.There is never any need to get worked up or to trouble your soul about things you can't control. These things are not asking to be judged by you.Leave them alone."— Marcus...
  • Verizon Vehicle Diagnostics by Delphi
    Verizon introduces Vehicle Diagnostics by Delphi
    Many new vehicle diagnostic devices are hitting the market these days. With theVehicle Diagnostics by Delphimodule, you can easily find out what those engine codes mean, find out how fast your car was traveling when a friend or relative borrowed...
  • Delphi Opera House
    Small towns must be prepared to turn on a dime when dimes come their way.
    Most people have probably never heard of tiny Delphi, IN, (pop 2,893) just a stone’s throw from Lafayette – home of Purdue University and the Wabash & Erie Canal Interpretive Center, but they soon will as the renovation of Delphi...
  • Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in Lancaster, Ohio
    Obama, Ohio Dems pounce on news Romneys profited from auto industry bailout
    In an article in the progressive magazineThe Nation,detailing how Mitt Romney profited handsomely from President Obama's intervention to save the auto industry, Obama campaign officials and Ohio Democrats Thursday called out the GOP...
  • Oh wow
    How the economic recession might provide a silver lining for heritage tourism
    Tourism in America - especially tourism development - has had many challenges over the past few decades but nothing like the change in our retail industry beginning in the 60’s, together with the slump in our economy and corresponding...
  • Paddle boat
    Delphi Trails
    While the canal boat “Delphi” comes out of winter storage this weekend, Noble Bikes is also open for business on weekends through May. They are open daily from Memorial Day to Labor Day.Noble Bikes, located on the canal at Canal Park,...
  • Playground
    Wabash and Erie Canal opening day
    The weekend of May 14thwill mark the re-opening of the boat season at Wabash and Erie (Delphi) Canal Center.The canal boat “Delphi” will be making regular runs. Hogeye Navvy will hold a concert on the green from 1 to 3PM. Interpreters...
  • Wheat sheaves awaiting the thresher at Historic Prophetstown
    An outdoor 4th of July in Greater Lafayette
    This year we have a 3 day weekend for the 4th of July holiday, and a long list of things to do. The weather looks as though it will be pretty warm, but otherwise, a great weekend to be out and about. Historic Prophetstown will be hosting a steam...
  • Playground at Delphi Canal Park
    Cycling Delphi
    Delphi is about 25 minutes north on St.Rd. 25 North. St. Rd. 25 follows the Wabash to Delphi. The drive itself is pretty and there are glimpses of the river, including the Tippecanoe River junction. In the last couple of decades, determined...
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