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  • "Faith Without Deeds is Dead!"(James 2:26)
    "Faith Without Deeds is Dead!"(James 2:26)
    Faith believes and hopes for in what is unseen. It is a trust. Believers in Christ Jesus trust in Him and God the Father. Their faith is evident by their actions. These actions are right and validate their faith. “You see that a person is...
  • RP-5217
    Albany area County Clerk’s office to accept new recording form
    On December 17, 2012 Warren County Clerk’s office and Real Property Tax Service office will be accepting a new RP-5217 form with deed recordings. The new form is a one page, downloadable, barcoded PDF version of the 4 part RP-5217 form...
  • Consequences of words
    The consequence of every thought, word and deed
    Even though God might not punish us immediately for sin, His eventual judgment is certain. We don't know exactly when it will happen, but we know that no one will escape that final encounter with God.Everyone has a ledger account with God, and...
  • Good Deeds
    Tyler Perry is Mr. Deeds in new flick, 'Good Deeds'.
    Tyler Perry is back in a new film and this time he's put his famous 'Madea' on the shelf for awhile for a more dramatic character and role.Good Deedsis, likemostPerryproductions, written, directed by and starring the actor/director...
  • Solomon's Porch
    Life lessons from Solomon's Colonnade
    In John 10 and Acts 3 we see two separate events, several years apart, occurring at the place known as Solomon's Colonnade, also called Solomon's Porch. Both events are similar in nature, and both events can serve as great encouragement to...
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