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  • Dawkins says that asking “What is the meaning of life” is a silly question
    Dawkins says "what is the meaning of life?" is a silly question.
    The Center for Philosophical Naturalism is hosting a discussion on the topic of existentialist philosophy on Tue. Dec. 17, for those in Portland. Existentialism deals with questions such as “What is the meaning of life?” The event is...
  • Empress Dowager Cixi
    New memoirs and biographies
    Six new titles have arrived to enrich the memoirs and biographies selection available to readers for the long winter nights."The Fat Lady Sang" (It Books, $17.99) is Robert Evans's memoir of his dramatic career in Hollywood. He...
  • To be or not to be...spiritual
    To be or not to be spiritual: Religion and the brain
    Ever wonder why some of your friends may be deeply spiritual or religious, while others shun religion like the plague? The human brain may be at the source of that difference.Richard Dawkins, in his book The God Delusion, argued that religiosity...
  • The teaching of hell to small children is a form of child abuse
    The teaching of hell to small children is a form of child abuse
    Is teaching children there is a hell where they will be tortured in a lake of fire, child abuse? Well, I would state, yes. Yes it is, at least mental and emotional child abuse. I was not raised in a church to believe that I will be tortured for...
  • One common misconception about atheists
    5 misconceptions about atheists
    Online arguments--and arguments between atheists and theists in particular--are often exhausting and unproductive. While internet communities such as can help bring many people together in dialogue, people are more likely to...