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  • Step up date night with Majestic Dance Studio
    Step up date night with Majestic Dance Studio
    Change up the traditional Friday night routine from dinner-and-a-movie, and turn date night on its head with an unconventional evening out. When this weekend rolls around, take your love to Majestic Dance Studio, and discover a new way to...
  • Annabel
    If you’re looking for gourmet food without pretention, reserve a table at Annabel’s on 9th Avenue. Their deceptively simple menu is served with style and brimming with hidden epicurean gems. Don’t let the casual exterior fool you...
  • Dear Karlicia: I'm a Christian and he is now "conscious"
    Dear Karlicia: I'm a Christian and he is now "conscious"
    Dear Karlicia,I have been in a relationship with the same man for 5 years. In the last year, he has joined the black conscious realm, and no longer believes in Christianity (as we both originally did). I love him dearly, and I respect him as well...
  • Let's get married
    Social equality: Why do most women still want men to pursue them?
    If society expects equality why do women still want men to pursue them? - L.H.Romantic Traditions Die Hard One of the reasons why women continue to want men to pursue them is the "fairytale" has not died. The prince or knight in shining...
  • Dear Erica
    Dear Erica - Friends with Benefits Problem
    Dear Erica, I have a FWB situation and everything is cool for a few months then she claims I'm dogging her out... How is it dogging her out if she AGREED to the FWB "terms" (no strings, just kicking it)??? Should I just end the situation? Signed,...
  • Millionaire dating
    Know about millionaires, before jumping to date a millionaire
    Couples date to understand each other, and dating is accepted as a means to find a right partner to have the best in life. When you are mature enough to seek a date, you would be on the look out for choosing a person of your choice. Naturally you...
  • Start A Dating Website
    Start A Dating Website With 10 Easy Steps
    Starting a dating website and making money from it should be a marathon - not a sprint. Follow these easy steps to setting up your dating website and carefully plan your business model for success.
  • Sex appeal
    Where American women get it wrong when it comes to staying in a relationship
    "You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation." - PlatoIf you've had feelings for someone and began the courtship process, you probably soon realized where the term "playing games"...
  • Interracial dating
    Interracial dating v.s. Dating within the race/community
    You are an adult, and purely it’s your choice to choose a person for dating, and only your commitment to your date is all that matters. At times, you could have heard your peers or friends passing comments when they come across dating couple...
  • Interracial dating
    Black women dating white men- Is it for profit or something else?
    Dating has come off age, and not many are shy to let the world know of their dating. But you can’t ignore the fact that there are still people who gloat in their conservative minds, object to interracial dating and sermon as if they are the...
  • Dear Erica
    Dear Erica - Facebook Love
    Dear Erica, I desperately need your advice. I've been talking to someone since August. We talk via the phone at least three times a day.  We also connect via messages through Facebook and occasionally through video chat. We do not live in the same...
  • Interracial dating
    Black Woman Dating White Man - Any Motives Behind Such Dating?
    Dating is universal and is accepted as a means for couples to understand each other better. Many a couple does not feel shy or embarrassed to let others know of their dating, particularly interracial dating. But due to adverse comments from others...
  • The Bar Marmont
    The Bar Marmont
    If you want to impress your date with Hollywood sheik, you'll want to head over to Bar Marmont. This requires a reservation, as the don't let you just go to the bar unless you are a hot-woman or a man with one or more hot-women on your...
  • Interracial dating
    How to solve the myths about interracial dating
    You cannot miss seeing interracial couples, when you go to a movie, visit a mall or walking down a street. Most dramas played in TV shows and TV commercials engage interracial couples to popularize their shows and they showcase in their shows the...
  • players and the games they play with women
    The Players Handbook: recognizing when a player is running game on you
    Dear Deborrah:I know you are very busy, so I will do my best to make this long story short.This guy I used to see has come back into my life three different times in the span of two years. I've known him for six years, and we always had a ...
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