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  • crying-over-relationship
    When your partner shows you who they truly are, you need to pay attention
    Dear Deborrah:I understand that your advice column is usually oriented towards hetereosexual dating issues, but I really like how you think and explain things to people. I'm hoping you can help me about my now defunct lesbian relationship.I&...
  • Dating and the U. S. Constitution - your 2nd Ammendment rights
    Dating and the U. S. Constitution - your 2nd Ammendment rights
    Now this is an odd topic for a dating/relationship guide, but as you will see, it may just help save your life.On December 22, 2014 the Lexington Herald Leader, Lexington Kentucky reported that William D. Jolley was looking for a date online. He...
  • Long Distance Romance
    Long Distance Romance ~ Is Your Relationship Geographically Challenged?
    This topic is for all of you long-distance romancers out there!In the past, this type of dating was not practiced much due to travel issues and regimented lifestyles. Since then, The Millennium has opened the technology doors and communication...
  • The Amazing '80s Scavenger Hunt
    EVENT PICK: The Amazing '80s Scavenger Hunt!
    You are only one click away from three hours of flashback fun if you sign up for The Amazing ‘80s Scavenger Hunt! Clever clues and engaging challenges lead teams around the city to find items that best represent the 1980s. Nostalgic images...
  • Lost Best Friend Over Her Rleationship
    Losing best friends due to their relationship
    My best friend and I have been friends since we met in middle school six years ago. Everything was always super fun and exciting when we first started hanging out. Things were great. No boys, no drama. The rules of sisterhood are every girl has a...
  • Young man upset at date expense
    Dating tips: stinginess and a bad attitude won't win hearts when dating women
    Dear Deborrah:Today's woman does not understand the “Ladylike Law of Dating” rules. I took a date out to a nice restaurant in San Francisco last weekend. We had a glass of wine while we looked over the menu. She suggested that I...
  • Grill masters at Anheuser-Busch Brewery offer the perfect summer date night
    Grill masters at Anheuser-Busch Brewery offer the perfect summer date night
    The chefs at Anheuser-Busch* Brewery’s Biergarten restaurant are serving up a side of romance this summer with a night of competitive grilling for you and your date. All through May, three of the top chefs go head-to-head in a battle to make...
  • Women hating on other women
    Being Catty: When women hate on and judge other women, and what it means for men
    In many discussions involving today's dating scene and overall social scene, a lot seems to be made of the seeming 'chasm' between many single heterosexual men and single women. The reality is, just as there are differences in men'...
  • Dad Bodies
    Interview with Dr. Helen Fisher of Why women find "Dad Bods" so hot
    Are you attracted to men with six-pack abs, or do you prefer the guy who makes you smile but has a bit of a beer gut? If you choose the latter, it turns out you're not alone.The preference for so-called "Dad bodies" - descriptive of...
  • Needy Women
    Needy and Clingy, So Not Attractive!
    Needy, clingy women are a major turnoff to a powerful man with drive. Why? Simply put, focused men trying to achieve certain goals in life do not have time to reassure you every minute of every day that you are in their thoughts.What is your...
  • Coffee date
    Avoiding the dangers of online dating
    In an article posted this morning, a story about a young woman's Tinder iterations with what seemed like a perfectly decent young man raised one main question: is online dating too dangerous? The man was the founder of a tech company, good...
  • Badass Board Game Battle
    EVENT PICK: Badass Board Game Battle
    Before iPhones, games came in boxes with lots of pieces, rules, and a timer. You also needed a few people to play. If you miss the human-interaction version of game playing, head to The Thirsty Fan (next to Penn Station) on Wednesday, May 20th....
  • Tinder adds Instagram Integration to new update
    Tinder adds Instagram integration to new update
    Tinder just announced an important new feature for the latest update to its free version – integration with Instagram.A dating app that brought online dating to a new level with its easy photo-centric swipe left/ swipe right format, Tinder...
  • Internet dating, sex and emojis
    Internet dating, sex and emojis
    I just read an article from stating that 54% of those Internet daters who use emojis had sex in 2014 compared to only 31% of those who don’t use emojis. Use this link to see that I don't make this stuff up.
  • control freak boyfriend
    Control freak boyfriend tries to tell me what to eat, wear and where to go!
    Dear Deborrah:My question is about the guy I'm currently dating. I met him in January, but we've only been dating for 2 months. I have concerns about his behavior, because it's really bugging me.He tends to like to order for me. I can...
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