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  • Fear is in your mind
    Don't feed your fear
    Today I read a post by a colleague that talked about the fears writers have. But all people have fears. It doesn't matter what your profession or business.If your fear isn't a fear brought on, for example, by a car approaching you head on ...
  • Lord keep us from presumptuous sin
    Lord keep us from presumptuous sin
    Presumptuous= Daring, boldly, not shunning through fear. (Vines Expository Dictionary)Humility is a trait God loves to see in his children. Arrogance and presumption are not so. Presumptuous sins may be the type that will send more people into...
  • Water Veil
    Capturing Exciting Adventure
    Recently I had the opportunity to attend an historic adventure and capture some of the action with my Canon DSLR. The location was the world famous Niagara Falls on the border of the USA and Canada. The event was an 1800 foot long tightrope walk...
  • Daring dates
    4 daring dates for the fall
    Dinner and a movie is a great first date idea, but after a while it's time to do something new! Novelty can improve your dating life. As we hit the middle of fall, it's time to try something you have never done before. Here are four daring...
  • Trouble in the tunnels?
    Trouble in the tunnels?
    What actually happens in the tunnels beneath Springfield's streets? Some call them the "vampire tunnels" while to others these dark water pipes are filled with artwork and more famously known as the "acid tunnels." Either way...
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