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  • EggNog near drowning
    Utah man nearly drowns in eggnog
    Ryan Roche was at his office holiday party in Utah County, UT, on Tuesday, Dec. 23, when he accepted a challenge from a fellow employee. He agreed to chug a quart of eggnog - the non-alcoholic kind, but still pretty hefty calorie-wise. What was on...
  • Liberal hate talker Mike Malloy: John Boehner should drown himself in a vat of wine.
    Liberal talker Mike Malloy: Boehner should 'drown himself in a vat of wine'
    Demonstrating yet again that liberalism is an ideology based on hate and rage, liberal talk show host Mike Malloy said that House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) should "drown himself in a vat of wine," Billy Hallowell reported at The Blaze...
  • This is How You Lose Her
    This is How You Become a Literary Lion: Junot Diaz on not publishing
    "My best happens really so rarely," Junot Diaz recently told Sam Anderson in a Q&A in this weekend's NYTimes Magazine. It's a great, honest interview, where Anderson requested the Pulitzer-prize winning author to bring along ...
  • Dorwin Falls Park
    Bride drowns in river during photo shoot : Outdoor water safety tips to know
    The August drowning death of a Quebec bride while she was being photographed in her wedding gown as part of a post-wedding photography trend known as "Trash the dress", is a tragic reminder to always be mindful of outdoor water safety...
  • Gracie johnson
    Mother, daughter drown after shoplifting
    A mother and daughter were caught shoplifting from the Burlington Coat Factory this past Friday, along with a third person. The mother and daughter were 43 year old Gracie Johnson and 16 year old Rianna Tarell Johnson. They are reported to have...