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  • Accidental Droning
    Life could imitate fiction in 'Accidental Droning'
    Not a day goes by where there isn't some drone news to consume on the internet or in your local newspaper.Drones are hot. I see them flying around neighborhood parks, business complexes and I see they are even being used by realtors when...
  • Enrique Iglesias grabs drone and slices his fingers, injured he plays on at concert
    Enrique Iglesias: Drone encounter slices fingers covering him in blood on stage
    Modern technology used to enhance the experience of a Enrique Iglesias concert took a frightening turn this weekend when a drone sliced the singer’s fingers and literally covered his shirt in blood while on stage. The drone is part of...
  • Enrique Iglesias
    Enrique Iglesias badly injured by drone while performing in Tijuana
    Enrique Iglesias was on stage at his concert in Tijuana, Mexico on Saturday when he grabbed a camera drone and was injured by his fingers being sliced open, according to a TMZ report on Sunday. After the incident, Iglesias left the stage and was...
  • Flying My Phantom 3 Drone
    How it Feels to Fly and Film with a Drone (Video)
    Today I spent most of the day filming various popular locations in the city of brotherly love: Philadelphia. Whereas I usually would take my camera and tripod or shoulder mount to film these locations, today I took to the air. No, I did not have a...
  • Drones
    No drones allowed around the US Capital
    The decision is clear now: The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced a public outreach campaign for the National Capital Region around Washington, D.C. to reinforce the message that the District of Columbia and cities and towns within a...
  • Delivery Drone
    Will ISIS cause government to curtail your recreational freedoms?
    Recently in the news we have heard and read reports of military training drills in many states. This actually started before the riots caused by the death of Freddie Gray by the police. It has been reported that government “drones”...
  • X-47B makes more history
    X-47B makes more history
    The United States Navy's Northrup Grumman-built X-47B carrier-based drone once again made history this week when it completed an aerial refueling. During a test flight off of the Maryland coastline the X-47B drone was linked up to a K-707...
  • Man shoots down spy drone in his back yard.
    California man shoots down spy drone (Video)
    The man, got an anonymous phone call from someone and they left a message on his answering machine. The anonymous caller told him "Hey, get rid of your eyesore sign or you won't have any privacy" according to
  • FAA proposes rules governing drone operations
    FAA proposes rules governing drone operations
    Small drones could be flown under limited circumstances, according to proposed rules. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is proposing regulations to govern Operation & Certification of Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems. The FAA released...
  • Bill would ban recreational drones around passenger airports
    Bill would ban recreational drones around passenger airports
    It is too dangerous to fly a recreational drone around a commercial airport. At least that is what one member of Congress thinks and he is trying to outlaw the practice. Rep. Gregory W. Meeks (D-New York) introduced the Responsible Skies Act of...
  • Millennium Falcon drone
    Millennium Falcon drone: WATCH Millennium Falcon drone, hunk of junk is a hit
    A mini Millennium Falcon, the drone version, is capturing the attention of Star Wars fans this week. The drone Millennium Falcon may not have the ability to jump to hyperspace, but the iconic craft commanded by smuggler Han Solo and his Wookie...
  • White House drone crash: Drunk droning highlights security problem
    White House drone crash: Drunk droning highlights security problem
    In the early morning hours of Jan. 26, a small drone, one known as a quadcopter, crashed to the ground on the White House lawn, the errant toy of a -- of all things -- government intelligence worker. Although President Barack Obama and his family...
  • Help kickstart the Helijector, a flying video projector for activism
    Help kickstart the Helijector, a flying video projector for activism
    As with any technological innovation, drones can be used to harm or to help. Columbus Ohio-based Will Delphia wants to develop a helicopter drone as an activism tool that will project images on the sides of high-rise buildings.The Helijector would...
  • Flying an unmanned aerial vehicles UAV
    Using drones to investigate climate change
    The convergence of unmanned aerial vehicles applications (popularly called drones) in consumer and commercial markets is already here. Leaving behind military and defense utilizations, drones have been gradually penetrating into our lives and send...
  • UFO spotted over the Statue of Liberty yesterday, check out the video!
    UFO spotted over the Statue of Liberty: Take a gander at the clear video
    A UFO was spotted over the Statue of Liberty yesterday by two women visiting NYC this week. They took this video with their cell phone camera and at first they thought it was a balloon, but on such a windy day the balloon floated at a steady speed...
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