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  • Basic Bondage Cuffs
    3 questions women should answer before playing submissive like in Fifty Shades
    While E. L. James has brought BDSM to the mainstream, that doesn't necessarily mean that it's a great idea for the masses to jump right in. If people are talking about getting into more than a little play in the bedroom with blindfolds and...
  • domination
    New game mode Dominiation for 'SMITE'
    SMITE continues to grow into a more mature MOBA while it’s still in BETA. The most recent patch brings a whole slew of upgrades including a new capture point game mode called Domination. There are also a whole slew of changes to playable...
  • all seeing eye
    Illuminati: Truth or Fiction?
    A lot has been written lately of unexplained and possibly unproveable phenomenon in light of the Mayan 2012 Prophecy looming. It seems there are always people willing to join any conspiracy bandwagon or other - whether out of genuine belief or a...
  • Rivers flow rough or peaceful
    Psychology Bondage in AR and God's Word (part 5)
    God has shown his faithfulness in that after his higher spiritual laws, under free-will were broken, instead of saying they no longer apply and allowing the universe to burn itself asunder, he sent his Son to fulfill the rule that to break his law...
  • Gameplay Video: Modern Combat Domination - Sandstorm Killer
    Gameplay Video: Modern Combat Domination - Sandstorm Killer
    Today I find my way back to the Modern Combat Domination FPS released recently exclusively for PlayStation 3 (with Move support). In this video you'll see my first attempts at the Domination mode a while back when I was playing the title for...
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