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  • wolves more tolerant than dogs?
    Dogs more tolerant than wolves? Take another look
    When it comes to wolves and dogs which of the two is really big and bad? Not who you might think or is it? A new study “Testing the myth: tolerant dogs and aggressive wolves” looked at our perceptions and findings on dogs as less...
  • Dog whispering in the 21st century
    Dog whispering in the 21st century
    Cesar Millan, the “Dog Whisperer,” is undeniably popular and commercially successful, however his methods that rely on provocation and dominance have been controversial in the world of dog training and among dog owners. Conversation...
  • 50 Shades
    50 Shades of Grey, the impact on Relationships
    50 Shades of Grey has certainly made an impact, whether you read the book or just listened in on the discussions of others, most of you have a general idea of the premise. Sex, dominance, passion; singe worthy dialogue leaving you gasping for more...
  • Training and Behavior Problems
    The True Killer - Ill-informed “Professionals” Lacking Critical Thinking Skills
    Recently, a blog post came out claiming that “pure positive” trainers responsible for the death of dogs internationally because they do not use consequence (punishment) in training. The post is riddled with incorrect terminology...
  • Two dogs
    How to safely expand the pack
    Sometimes owners decide to bring another dog into their home because they want their solo dog to have a friend. However, introducing your current dog to a new one takes finesse. It's not as easy as just throwing them into a room to get to know...
  • Starfighter
    A Yaoi experience: The online comic Starfighter
    A space battle is underway; a space station is the base of operation for a fighting fleet, each vessel is controlled by a navigator and a fighter; this is Starfighter.This space odyssey was created by HamletMachine so let’s dive in.The first...
  • Dog from above
    Dominance in domestic dogs
    When working with dogs in the Northeastern Pennsylvania area I hear the terms dominance, alpha dog, pack instinct used to label dogs. But are we using them appropriately?The D wordThere is no accepted definition of dominance that is applicable and...
  • Dominance?
    Dog behavior myths debunked
    I just came across Common dog myths debunked which was so good it inspired me to tackle some similar misconceptions in dog behavior.1. Dogs form a pack like wolves with their human family.No. In fact, it turns out that wolves don't do this...
  • Maska, CGC (2000-2010)
    Zap versus tap - a rose is a rose is a rose
    Those trainers for whom "no dog is too much for me" don't "zap" dogs, right? They "stim" them, or "tap" them. A rose is a rose is a rose. The euphemisms that are cropping up on some dog trainers' web...
  • Tug-O-War
    Experts and behaviorists all have a different view when it comes to playing tug-o-war with your canine. Some say it reinforces dominance, aggression, and only harms the dog instead of benefitting it. Other people will say that this is an...
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