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  • William Penn
    University reinstates prof who delivered anti-Republican rant in classroom
    No wonder President Obama is so eager to get more students into college despite the diminishing returns of possessing a college degree. According to a recent survey, 1 in 7 members of academia slavishly hues to the most liberal political ideals...
  • Senator Wendy Davis
    Texas disenfranchises women
    Just when it seemed things couldn't get worse for women in Texas, those in a position of power made yet another historic and unconstitutional decision. First they took away a woman's right to control her own body. Now they have decided to...
  • We shall overcome
    Galvanizing the fight for voter rights
    Class warfare, equality, civil rights and civil war are topics heading into Election 2104. Messing with voter registration and voting rights can tear the nation asunder.If there is a single issue that can galvanize citizens it is the attempt by...
  • Ron Paul Rally
    The Ron Paul factor in the GOP’s defeat
    A full three days after the GOP took a shellacking in the general election, as many as 19 reasons have been put forth by both parties, pundits and the corporate media as they grope for explanations for President Obama's win. The woman’s...
  • Will he vote again?
    WI voter ID law: Hurdles for voters, little to curb voter fraud & $7 million tab
    Governor Walker recently signed a bill that requires voters to show IDs at the polls. The new bill will cost Wisconsin taxpayers nearly $7 million in new spending and lost revenue, according to the non-partisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau. Many...
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