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  • Colon Cancer Diagnosis
    What to do when you have no diagnosis and no help
    In an ideal world, everyone who gets sick could simply go to the doctor, get treatment, and get better. In most cases, that is exactly what happens. But for some patients, there is a problem so complex that it turns entire lives upside down.Some...
  • New audio seizure detecting device may help people with epilepsy
    New audio seizure detecting device may help people with epilepsy
    A new device that converts brain activity into sound may have the potential to help diagnose epilepsy. Scientists at the University of Sydney in Australia have developed a simple method they call sonification, which records data from the brain...
  • Process observation as strategy
    Process observation as strategy
    When a client contracts with me to "fix" perceived dysfunctions within teams, the first strategy I consider, before making an intervention, is assessing departmental team dynamics through process observations.While observing, I suspend...
  • National Marfan Foundation
    Many with Marfan syndrome not diagnosed at-risk of sudden early death
    Approximately half of those who have Marfan syndrome, a potentially fatal connective tissue disorder, are not diagnosed. Moreover, those affected are up to 250 times more risk of suffering a tear or rupture of their aortaIf diagnosed with the...
  • Bicycling
    An easy way to diagnose Parkinson's Disease
    Living in South Florida provides people the opportunity to engage in outdoor activities all year long. Riding a bicycle is one of them. Researchers have now found a link between riding a bicycle and being diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease...
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