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  • Teens invent condom that detects STDs
    Teens invent condom that detects STDs
    Sexually transmitted diseases are widespread; thus, methods that detect their presence can decrease their spread. Three teenagers in the United Kingdom have invented a concept for a condom that changes color when it detects an STD or a sexually...
  • Why does intermingling fail between a man and a woman?
    Why does intermingling fail between a man and a woman?
    "And many people came to him and began saying: "John did not perform a single sign, but all the things John said about this man were true."" John 10:41When a men and a woman meet something extra ordinary happens. Both come with...
  • Honeybee
    Bees can be trained as living disease detecting gadgets
    Fearsome to some, representatives of natural beauty and sustainability to others - the common bee can be used as a living disease detection gadget. The Examiner received this Mashable video on the same topic (presenter: Lauren Gores) on or about...
  • Beagle one year
    Cliff the beagle detects the superbug in patients
    Cliff is highly accurate when it comes to sniffing out C.difficile “superbug”Just last year a specially trained black lab made media headlines with his ability to sniff out in a person’s breath and in stool samples and carried an...
  • The "ghost in the DVR" HAL9000?
    The Verizon DVR that needs you and your needs
    One Minute News (December 4, 2012) and MacKinley tell us of a DVR that will have a HAL-like presence around you. (We were just writing about artificial minds and intelligence just the other day!) Verizon is patenting a DVR that watches you while...
  • Bed bug detection dogs Toronto Bed bug detection the K9 way!
    Bed bug detection dogs Toronto Bed bug detection the K9 way!
    Think you might have bed bugs? Are you waking up with unexplained bites? Have you looked around your bedroom and can't find a thing but you know you are being bitten by something?You need a bed bug dog inspection!Bed bugs can be very hard to...
  • New Device provides rapid Detection of Brain Injuries
    New Device provides rapid Detection of Brain Injuries
    Traumatic brain injury accidentsrequire a speedy diagnosis followed by the proper treatment. A speedy diagnosis can mean the difference between life and death. A research team, led by Jason D. Riley in the Section on Analytical and Functional...
  • Methamphetamine Trafficking
    Feds nail man smuggling meth through LAX concealed in snack food bags
    A Los Angeles-area man made his initial appearance in federal court on Friday to facedrug-trafficking charges following his arrest at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) for attempting to smuggle nearly five pounds of methamphetamine through...
  • QR Coded Paperless Boarding Pass on Smartphone
    Metro security gadgets - part of 9/11's legacy
    The tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks is just about here - some of the security gadgets in use at Detroit Metropolitan Airport may remind us of that. It does seem a little odd that some of the TSA gadgets employed there are a direct result of...
  • woman talking with doctor at hospital
    Health Tests Women Should Have This Year
    With the numerous types of checkups and health tests around it can become very confusing as to which ones are really necessary for women to have.Top health practitioners and experts have banned together and devised a list of which health exams are...
  • little girl
    Is Your Child Lying to You Already?
    Lying is a common occurrence, and as adults, we can accept the fact that people lie often. Whether it is a little fib or just outright deceit, adults are aware that lying is, in fact, a part of human interaction. Yet, when your child lies to you,...
  • Professional Services That Help Applicants Lie on Their Resume
    Professional Services That Help Applicants Lie on Their Resume
    Although the economy seems to be on an upturn and employment rates seem to be improving throughout the United States, employment in New Jersey is still suffering. According to local newspaper, The Record, New Jersey has lost 62,400 jobs since June...
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