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  • Delegation
    Delegation ~ The new power tool in business
    Yes, the new power tool in business is...the Big "D"... no not Dallas, it's Delegation!One of the false beliefs surrounding delegation is:"If I delegate then I am week and have failed."That is so far from the truth around...
  • Gaines Academy host Liberian delegation visit
    Gaines Academy host Liberian delegation visit
    In an effort to find successful governmental infrastructure to emulate in their own country, delegates from the African nation of Liberia visited Samuel S. Gaines Academy recently as a part of an extended tour of St. Lucie County schools. The...
  • Hewlett-Packard Company co-founders David Packard (seated) and William Hewlett run final production tests on a shipment of the 200A audio oscillator. The picture was taken in 1939 in the garage at 367 Addison Avenue, Palo Alto, California, where they bega
    If you put fences around people, you get sheep
    Empowerment, delegation and team building need to have a proper environment where they can be nurtured, have the ability to grow and ultimately be ingrained into the corporate culture.It is surprising how many companies launch training initiatives...
  • Overwhlemed business owner
    Business owners drive to 'do it all' restricts their business' growth
    Owners hold on to too many responsibilities, many of which they could easily delegate to others who many times are more qualified to perform the functions.Owners become overwhelmed and overworked by taking on more than they need to which creates...
  • An effective method of educating employees both ensures complete understanding of assignments and addresses productive ways to complete them successfully.
    Six steps to delegate tasks and assignments
    Leaders teach employees how to perform their delegated assignments and tasks in order to assure their timely and accurate completion. An effective method of educating employees both ensures complete understanding of assignments and addresses...
  • Interactive leadership is built upon open communication and the ability of leaders to actively listen and respond to feedback and ideas offered by subordinates.
    Interactive leadership is the practice of leadership by example
    A developmental milestone is reached when the leader is able to build trust and motivation with their employees to the degree that they are willing to openly follow their direction regardless of circumstances. This is not achieved until a leader...
  • The dynamics of leadership includes embracing and enhancing the elements of empowerment, trust and performance.
    The dynamics of leadership
    Whether the economy returns to robust conditions or continues to perform poorly, one fact remains: market conditions will continue to be unstable. Whole industries grow at dynamic rates, while others collapse with similar rapidity.Yet times of...
  • When leaders take the time to empower their employees  to handle minor details major problems are avoided
    The attention to minor details averts major problems
    The saying, “the devil is in the details” is true in all organizational and business environments. Often when leaders take the time to empower their employees and teams to handle minor details and problems, major problems are avoided...
  • Managers who lead their people build trust and rapport
    The ABCs of leadership
    There is a critical and substantial difference between managing to lead and managing to supervise. Managers who lead show others the way, while managers who supervise tend to direct and control. Leaders are individuals who motivate and inspire the...
  • Stress less
    Stress less
    Two words that will significantly lower stress in life are eliminating and delegating. When it comes to stress many times our worst enemy is self. We become over committed, not knowing how to say no. This leads to an unsustainable existence.Answer...
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