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  • Focus
    How entrepreneurs magnify the power of their actions
    A little directed effort could go a long way. When you are focused on urgent, but not necessarily important tasks, it’s easy to get caught up in “firefighting” and tedious “busy work” leaving you no closer to...
  • Are You Working Hard Enough?
    Are You Working Hard Enough?
    If you are paying your bills on time the answer is probably: yes!If you are juggling a career, a family and all your other obligations, while paying your bills, the answer is probably: YES!Now imagine doing the work, family and life thing and...
  • Romney
    Top 14 'creepiest' threats to kill Mitt Romney cite food stamps, voice
    On Friday, an article at The Blaze listed what it called the "14 creepiest threats to kill Mitt Romney."Two of the threats documented by The Blaze cited food stamps while another person said he hates Romney's voice."I aint gone...
  • Rodriguez
    Secret Service 'aware' of DNC delegate who said she wanted to kill Mitt Romney
    The Secret Service said Thursday they are "aware" of a video in which a delegate to the Democratic Party convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, said she wanted to kill GOP nominee Mitt Romney, the Daily Caller reported Thursday.&ldquo...
  • DNC delegate: 'I would like to kill 'Mitt Romney'
    DNC delegate on video: 'I would like to kill' Mitt Romney
    On Wednesday, JuliaRodriguez, a delegate to the Democratic convention from New York, told The Blaze that she would like to kill Mitt Romney, and she happily made the statement on video.“Romney will destroy this country completely,” she...
  • Ron Paul
    Ron Paul has best finish yet in Minnesota primary with almost 30% of the vote!
    As the results came rolling in yesterday in Minnesota a bit of information came to my attention. Ron Paul has hit yet another ceiling! He received 27% of the vote! This is the largest percentage of the vote he has received in a primary to date.He...
  • Strengths Finder 2.0 by Tom Rath
    What are your strengths
    We all are guilty of thinking we can do it all. Especially as business owners we are forced to wear many hats and juggle between tasks. This mentality can lead to actually believing you can do it all and do it well. Not true. The real strength is...
  • Relax
    Delegate and Destress
    Before you decide that the holiday season willcause you stress beyond measure, make a conscious decision that it will not. Although some stress is good, it can still take a toll on us. Holidays often cause people to deviate from their normal...
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