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  • Lance Briggs' new role
    New role for Bears' Briggs
    After 10 years in the NFL, Bears’ linebacker, Lance Briggs is taking on a new role, because of the retirement of fellow linebacker, and Defensive Captain, Brian Urlacher. The job has fallen into the lap of Briggs and he is embracing it.The...
  • Jenelle Evans
    ‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans defends boyfriend after buying diamond ring
    “Teen Mom” star Jenelle Evans bragged on Twitter yesterday when her boyfriend Courtland Rogers made her wait in his car for two hours, as he picked out two diamond rings for her. And while this event was supposed to be a joyous one for...
  • Bachelor Pad
    Former 'Bachelor Pad' contestant defends Michael and calls Jamie ugly
    Former “Bachelor Pad” contestant Natalie Getz has been watching this current season from the comforts of her own home and it sounds like she isn’t missing the competitive household. In fact, she has been blogging about the events...
  • Brandon Carr
    Playoff hype or hope, Cowboys fans find out tonight
    The last time the Cowboys made the playoffs was in 2009. The last few years, fans have received a heavy dose of hype from Jerry Jones, and not a lot of real hope for making the playoffs. So tonight, when the Cowboys face off against the reigning...
  • DeMarco Murray catch
    Cowboys recap, what the stats say after two preseason games
    The Cowboys return to Valley Ranch to get ready for Saturday's preseason tilt against the St. Louis Rams. If the first two preseason games are indicators of how the Cowboys will play the rest of the season, Cowboys fans have reasons to be...
  • Work Performance Feedback
    The Aches and Pains of Workplace Performance Feedback
    Dan had the jitters and could feel himself clenching his jaw when he was sitting at his computer. He knew it was time for the performance review and he dreaded it, big time.He kept going over and over what he would say, how he would position his...
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