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  • Not my debt.
    How are you contractually obligated to pay for deceased relatives' debts?
    What exactly happened to a little common sense? When was it exactly that people started being hoodwinked into believing that somehow, some relative out there somewhere, should be held responsible for another person's debts after they died?...
  • U.S. dollar
    Payday loans becoming popular way to pay off short-term debts
    Earlier this year, it was reported that nearly half of all American households are one financial emergency away from complete economic collapse. The study found that these households do not have sufficient savings and live beyond their means ...
  • Debt Consolidation for Seniors (Video)
    Debt Consolidation for Seniors (Video)
    There are many debt relief programs available today, but few that focus on the needs of senior citizens with debt. There are many senior citizens, however, that need the services of debt relief programs or loan consolidation programs. For many...
  • Attorney John Lange
    What you need to know about Bankruptcy
    By: Lori T. Williams, Owner/Managing Attorney of Your Legal Resource, PLLCI interviewed John Lange, a board certified Consumer Bankruptcy lawyer and partner in the Bankruptcy firm of Gold, Lange & Majoros, PC, about his perspective on the...
  •  How to prepare for hard economic times
    How to prepare for hard economic times
    One of the most likely future threats that Baltimore area preppers may face is the possible loss of their jobs. Even if preppers do not work in any of the vulnerable work sectors described below, they should respect the job loss ripple effect that...
  • Protestor
    Is the State of Colorado bankrupt?
    The official position of the State of Colorado is that it will face a $1.1 billion dollar shortfall in next year’s budget. However, an article by Justin Adams in The Denver Channel asserts that this figure does not include over $3.7 billion...
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