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  • UMass Dartmouth
    Cyber Criminals’ End Coming Soon
    Personal Identity information such as a birthdate, social security number, or a mother’s maid name will be worth nothing to cybercriminals within ten years, study at IEEE Homeland Security symposium will show DALLAS(Mar. 16, 2015) –The...
  • Dartmouth softball
    Dartmouth cherishes first NCAA softball appearance
    On the official box score, the Dartmouth softball team’s first experience in the NCAA Tournament may have ended with something called the mercy rule, but there were no signs of disappointment in the Big Green’s clubhouse following the...
  • Nikki Girard
    Arizona State mercy rules Dartmouth in its opening game of Tempe Regional
    Nikki Girard put away Dartmouth with a two-run walk off home run in the fifth to give Arizona State an 8-0 victory in its opening game of the NCAA Softball Tempe Regional Friday.“My plan was to go get her early, see a good pitch, and just...
  • Dallas Escobedo
    Arizona State hosts NCAA Softball Regional this weekend
    The NCAA Softball Regional round returns to Tempe this weekend, where the overall No. 9-seeded Arizona State Sun Devils will be pitted against a Michigan team that eliminated them in the College World Series a year ago.The four-team double...
  • Dartmouth
    Dartmouth cancels cardiac fundraiser, says 'fiesta' theme racist
    Call it another egregious case of political correctness gone wild. A fundraiser intended to benefit cardiac care at Dartmouth was canceled because one student took offense at the "Phiesta" theme, the Daily Caller reported Saturday...
  • sh
    Cardiac fundraiser scratched; deemed racist, exploitive by one person
    Is Salma Hayek's Arab half exploiting her Mexican half? (Photo, left)What was initially planned as a joint fraternity/sorority charity event at one of the nation's leading colleges has since been cancelled due to one individual decrying...
  • Dartmouth
    Dartmouth liberals threaten 'physical action' if list of demands not met
    A group of “concerned Asian, Black, Latin@, Native, Undocumented, Queer, and Differently-Abled students" at Dartmouth have threatened "physical action" if school officials do not cave in to a list of demands presented in a...
  • Dartmouth
    Dartmouth activists use MLK Day meeting to discriminate against non-liberals
    It seemsMartin Luther King's vision of inclusion and tolerance isn't welcome at Dartmouth College. Two non-liberal students -- contributors to the The Dartmouth Review who described themselves as independents -- were banned from attending...
  • Recycled Percussion welcomes the Big Green Bus to Las Vegas
    Recycled Percussion welcomes the Big Green Bus to Las Vegas
    While on its education-in-sustainability tour across America, Dartmouth College’s biodiesel-fueled Big Green Bus stopped at Bally’s Las Vegas today, July 23.Band members from Las Vegas’ Recycled Percussion were on hand to welcome...
  • Dislike
    Immigration, From a Pivotal Issue to Nary a Mention
    Two hours of Republican candidates debating at Dartmouth College on October 10th and not one mention of the issue that knocked front runner Rick Perry into third place in the polls…immigration. No questions about border security even with...
  • Dartmouth
    Ivy League 101: Dartmouth Tuition
    Want to know if you can afford to attend Dartmouth? Here are statistics from the 2010-2011 school year:Tuition: $39,978Room, board and mandatory fees: $12,297Total: $52,275
  • Dartmouth
    Ivy League 101: Applying to Dartmouth
    Want to apply to Dartmouth? Here are some important things to know:What is Dartmouth’s acceptance rate?For the Class of 2014, 18,778 students applied and 2,193 were admitted. This is an admit rate of 11.7 percent. Of those admitted, 1,138...
  • Dartmouth
    Ivy League 101: Guide to Dartmouth
    Reverend Eleazer Wheelock founded Dartmouth College in 1769. He had previously established Moor’s Charity School in Lebanon, Connecticut, principally for the education of Native Americans. One of Wheelock’s first students, Mohegan...
  • Conan O'Brien
    Conan O'Brien Dartmouth commencement address - 'Life is not fair'
    Conan O'Brien Darthmouth commencement address - 'Life is not fair' -- Late night talk show host, writer, and comedian Conan O'Brien gave a speech to the 2000 graduating class of his alma mater, Harvard. That speech is still one of...
  • Conan O'Brien delivers Dartmouth commencement Speech (Video)
    Conan O'Brien delivers Dartmouth commencement Speech (Video)
    It’s been 11 years since Conan O’Brien gave a commencement speech. The late night talk show host returned to the podium at the Dartmouth College on Sunday to give a few words of wisdom and entertain those who have reached goals for...
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