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  • Rioters
    Aftermath of Baltimore riots: Never letting a crisis go to waste
    Baltimore is burning, more in the figurative sense today than in the literal one, although yesterday angry rioters put the city's bravest through its paces.Just before sundown,protesters set fire to a CVS pharmacy (after looting it, of course)...
  • Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake
    Baltimore Mayor gives rioters 'space to destroy'
    As CNN noted on Tuesday, authorities are finally moving to put an end to an orgy of rioting in Baltimore by issuing a 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. curfew starting Tuesday night enforced by National Guard troops. It is too late, however, especially for...
  • Gov. Jay Nixon
    Gov. Nixon declares state of emergency, midnight curfew in Ferguson
    On Saturday, Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon declared a state of emergency in Ferguson, Missouri, that includes a midnight curfew. The action was announced in a raucous public meeting that included Missouri Highway Patrol Capt. Ronald S. Johnson and...
  • Before I Disappear
    Florida Film Festival: Before I Disappear
    A few years ago Shawn Christensen wrote, directed and starred in a short called Curfew, an entertaining and somewhat surreal story of a suicidal ex-drug addict and his precocious niece. It was a rather masterful piece of cinema that went on to win...
  • Sleeping pills
    Spiking your parents' milkshakes proves unhealthy for two teens
    Two teenage girls apparently may have spent time on the internet learning to make spiked milkshakes, but didn’t spend enough time learning how to cover their allegedly criminal tracks.According to the Sacramento Bee, the pair of Placer...
  • lights
    Halloween week curfew begins tonight
    A City of Detroit emergency curfew will govern when young people will be allowed to frequent public places at night, from Monday night through Halloween. Violations may result in a stiff fine for the parent.Young people aged 17 or younger will not...
  • The President-Trayvon Martin
    Written by Min. Che’ri Humphrey, M.ED. 7/31/12Founder & President of Diamonds In The Rough (DITR)…Finding The Spirit In Me!Note: This article is sent out in an automatic email blast to those on its original list through this site....
  • Springsteen, McCartney concert silenced; guitarist calls England ‘police state'
    Springsteen, McCartney concert silenced; guitarist calls England ‘police state'
    Fans attending Bruce Springsteen’s concert in London’s Hyde Park on Saturday never got to hear the end of the show because concert organizers turned all the microphones off.As part of Springsteen’s Hard Rock Calling concert...
  • Chicago police
    Chicago's new curfew law begins Sunday night
    A new curfew begins Sunday, September 18, 2011 for Chicago. The new curfew requires minors who are under 12 years old to be home by 8:30PM during the weekdays and by 9:00PM during the weekends.The new curfew is a change from the prior curfew which...
  • Philadelphia P D
    Are teen curfews violation or a necessity?
    Philadelphia Daily News writer Marc Lamont Hill reported that teen curfews are a violation of rights; that it is a violation of their First Amendment rights. He also feels that it is a violation of a parent’s right to decide how to raise...
  • New curfew law
    Youth violence march kicks off new curfew law
    On Saturday several elected city officials, including Mayor Rahm Emanuel, participated in a march against violence in the Austin community on the West Side.At the march Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy stressed the importance of community...
  • Chicago schools start spring break today
    Chicago schools start spring break today
    Chicago school kids are now on spring break, they will not be returning to school till the Monday after Easter, April, 25th. Chicago Police has partnered up with City agencies to help protect Chicago youth and keep them busy throughout Spring...
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