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  • Craftsman brand not only acknowledges dads but our military as well
    Craftsman brand not only acknowledges dads but our military as well
    Craftsman® has been around for 87 years and is still America’s most trusted brand of tools. Not only have they developed innovative tools and handy products, but they have done so with the utmost in quality standards and durability...
  • The craftsman
    Business Sense; "Why people don't become craftsmen"
    Modern society is obsessed with technological change and all things intellectually stimulating; probably because it’s fresh and holds promise for an unwritten future. But can we continue to progress through technology alone? Consider how...
  • Craftsman Gift Card Apron
    Craftsman gift card aprons perfect size for 16" dolls
    If your 14 - 18" doll needs a good carpenter's apron, tool belt or general work apron to wear around the house or yard, these cute Craftsman gift card carpenter's aprons were found at a Nashville Sears store for only $2.00. The size...
  • Alice
    Taking Alice to work; a journey through the construction process
    Construction projects have a life of their own. They are conceived as an idea, go through a growth process in the womb of a job site, and give birth as a completed creation. Every step along the journey including design decisions, materials, and...
  • Craftsman's The Technician helps the Justice League of America
    Even Superheroes need Tech Support
    Ever ask yourself what superheroes do when they need someone to fix all of their way-cool tech toys? Well, wonder no longer, because DC Comics has just published a 16-page giveaway comicbook that was sponsored by Craftsman tools, that offers us an...
  •  New York Comic Con 2012: review of freebie comics by Marvel & DC
    New York Comic Con 2012: Review of free comics from Marvel and DC Comics
    While the New York Comic Con, which took place last weekend at the Jacob Javits Center, featured a great deal about comic books as well as their creators, it also was a massive advertising juggernaut. To this end both Marvel Comics and DC Comics...
  • Balvenie Scotch - 120th Anniversary Craftsman Tour
    Balvenie Scotch - 120th Anniversary Craftsman Tour
    It takes a lot of things to keep a company in business for 120 years. A solid business model and plan, economic climate savvy owners, the patience to expand slowly, and, of course, a quality product that keeps customers coming back for more....
  • DC Comics News for 10/3/12
    DC Comics News 10/3/12: MULTIVERSITY arrives along with CRAFTSMAN comics
    - Since at least 2009, writer Grant Morrison has been teasing of a project with DC Comics called MULTIVERSITY, which is an adventure mini series featuring DC superheroes from different universes. It was originally billed as a sequel to wide...
  • Car Guy Diary – 7/28/2012 – Tool Box Tour
    Car Guy Diary – 7/28/2012 – Tool Box Tour
    Tools. If you work on things, you’ve got to have them. It would be impossible to do much without tools, and for the most part, the ability to use them separates us from the animals...well, some of us anyway. Some people lose their minds when...
  • Craftsman at SDM Art
    American Arts and Crafts in a new light in traveling exhibition and walking tour
    Pasadena’s Gamble House has long been a landmark for admirers of Craftsman style. It popular lecture series and research partnership with the University of Southern California have made this a national phenomenon. Now there is a traveling...
  • Tracey Capone, Chicago, IL
    What's In the Attic? "Finding America's Treasures" Frank Fritz Tells Us
    We all have items taking up space in attics, basements and garages. During this year’s Spring cleaning sweep at home, take a closer look, because some of those items could be hidden treasures worth more than you think.In this video interview...
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