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  • Man shoots down spy drone in his back yard.
    California man shoots down spy drone (Video)
    The man, got an anonymous phone call from someone and they left a message on his answering machine. The anonymous caller told him "Hey, get rid of your eyesore sign or you won't have any privacy" according to
  • Coyoet in Florida?  Or could it be your back yard?
    Eight ways to avoid conflicts with Coyotes
    Coyotes are not “normally” dangerous to humans but stranger things have happened. The advance of the Coyote in North America, including Canada has been something to watch over the years. Even the New York State Department of...
  • Coyotes have become aggressive in Michigan.
    Video of Michigan coyote caught in a trap sparks controversy
    A video of a coyote that had its leg caught in a trap in Royal Oak, Mich. has caused quite a stir. People who live in this area have supposedly been seeing more aggressive behavior in these coyotes lately. A report by MLive on Tuesday said that...
  • coyote in manhattan
    Coyote captured on streets of lower Manhattan, 2nd one this month
    A second female coyote was captured Jan. 26 by police, after it was spotted roaming a Manhattan housing complex. It was first spotted sprinting past a guard shack at Con Ed's East 14th Street plant, a little after 7 a.m. Con Ed security guards...
  • Man uses vacuum cleaner to rid coyote from home
    Man uses vacuum cleaner to rid coyote from home
    Although David Easthope and his family were planning to move out of their home in Arbour Lake, Canada in a few days, and were already packed to go, they did not expect anyone to move in before they were gone. However, he and his wife were more...
  • Wild coyote
    Keep coyotes away from your yard and garden - Coyote population runs rampant
    Coyotes keep a constant vigil in some city neighborhoods. They're carrying away pets and making a mess with garbage. This is quite scary to residents who are desperate to keep coyotes away from their property. One Denver area neighborhood has...
  • coyote
    Dog attacked by coyote in Chagrin Falls, OH
    An eight year old Yorkie named Riley was attacked by a coyote in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, after he decided to take himself for a walk.Riley's family lives on Tanglewood Trail along a golf course. When he returned from his walk, he was covered in...
  • Gray Wolf at the Smithsonian Zoo
    A New Breed
    There is a new breed on our horizon. Well, "new" considering the usual timeline for new, distinct species to assert themselves. It is a hybrid between the eastern wolf, and the eastern coyote, as opposed to the western wolf and western...
  • Coyote attacks dogs in backyard in CA - Is there a risk throughout the US?
    Coyote attacks dogs in backyard in CA - Is there a risk throughout the US?
    Coyotes roam throughout North America. They can be found in every state. They survive in suburban and even urban areas. They feed on all types of food from trash to small animals, fruits and vegetables. They are especially drawn to feral cat...
  • Creating a culture of life for our children
    Creating a culture of life for our children
    There has been another shocking school shooting in the beautiful mountains of Colorado. More death and horror for our young people to have to endure. More precious life lost at the hands of our youth.Perhaps though, part of the blame lies with us...
  • I got my eye on you Mr. Coyote
    Feral cats vs urban coyotes: Surprising results
    In urban areas coyotes are known to prey on free-roaming cats, whether feral, stray or domestic. Do as many cats as are presumed become coyote dinner? According to Stan Gehrt, associate professor of environment and natural resources at Ohio State...
  • Protect your pets
    Coyote Sightings In Your Backyard
    New Jersey officials are alerting the public of recent local sightings of coyotes. There have been news reports of coyote sightings in Middlesex, Monmouth, and Union Counties this summer. Due to the nature of coyotes to adapt, they are able to...
  • Coyote
    Free lecture on coyotes at Cerrillos Hills State Park
    Sarah Wood, Manager at Cerrillos Hills State Park invites the public to learn more about coyotes.This Sunday, July 14 at 3PM in the Visitor Center at 37 Main Street, historian Dr. Dan Flores from the University of Montana presents “Coyote...
  • Turtle Man wrestles another coyote
    'Call of the Wildman': Turtle Man wrangles another vicious coyote
    "Call of the Wildman" is back onAnimal Planet on Sunday nights at 9 p.m. On June 9, Turtle Man confronted another frightening coyote that was killing a farmer's calves. You will remember that the “Unstinkable Ernie Brown”...
  • Dances With Films Sweet 16
    Dances With Films award winners announced
    Dances With Filmscelebrated its"Sweet 16" year by wrapping up their annual festival on Sunday night, June 9, 2013 with the announcement of this year's award winning films.The Grand Jury Award for Feature Film went to writer/director...
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