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  • Healthcare professions
    CoventryCares of Kentucky job fair
    CoventryCares of Kentucky will host a job fair in search of individuals who share their vision of helping to provide innovative, community based health-care for Medicaid members of Kentucky.CoventryCares of Kentucky employees are a dedicated team...
  • Metta Students Foundation awards two high school basketball teams $1,000
    Metta Students Foundation awards Coventry and Cranston teams grant money
    A once in a lifetime chance is the way Coventry High School freshman Cole Campbell describes one February when he got to play in a high school basketball game along side his big brother, senior Tom Campbell for the very first time. The acts of...
  • Coventry Transport Museum
    Coventry Transport Museum
    The Coventry Transport Museum is a great place to go with either your family, your partner, or just by yourself. It is the home of the world's largest collection of British road transport and has hundreds of bikes, cars, motorcycles and busses...
  • raccoon
    Rhode Island family brings rabid raccoon in their home, 18 people affected
    In late May, a Coventry, Rhode Island family in a bizarre and dangerous move, found a baby raccoon in the rural part of town and brought the creature home, according to a Rhode IslandDepartment of Environmental Management (DEM) news release June 6...
  • Cycling and yoga combine to create Spynga
    SpyngaFlows Cleveland-spinning and yoga combined
    Spynga, a class that combines indoor cycling, also known as spinning, and the ancient practice of yoga, is in full swing in Cleveland Heights at SpyngaFlows. The philosophy of spynga is "about living authentically."The classes start with...
  • On Following Phish
    On Following Phish
    With Phish's summer tour cranking up, already having a few sold out shows, why not bring back a classic Phish poem? For those planning on following Phish or any other band, this poem proves that tour is not always what is expected. Be flexible...
  • Bodega
    Bodega, more than just a wine cellar
    What do you think of when you think "Coventry"? Live music? Hot dogs? Delicious lattes? What about a snazzy upscale lounge with top notch cocktails? If you answered yes to all of these, you're pretty familiar with the area. But, that...
  • Photo: 100 Apples fall from sky in UK: Weather or haunted road?
    100 Apples fall from sky in UK: Weather or Apocalypse? (Video)
    Whenapples fall fromthesky, people panic, while others in the UK town think it's the second coming of Christ. What really happened in Coventry? First, birds crash land, now this. Was it a tornado vortex or the Apocalypse ?First Birds Crash...
  • Celebrate Valentine's Day with panoramic view and great food at Lake View
    Celebrate Valentine's Day with panoramic view and great food at Lake View
    Valentine’s Day dinner dates can be a critical decision and what are the choices do you have to impress with a romantic location? Lake View Restaurant provides you with a beautiful décor and then there is the panoramic view of Lake...
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