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  • Bank of America / Countrywide
    Foreclosures beginning to rise as property values increase
    On a brisk chilly day in DeKalb County Georgia, the weather is nodeterrent to investors gathering on the court house steps to cash in on some homeowner's misfortunes.The first Tuesday of the month is the day the county offers foreclosed...
  • Angelo Mozilo
    House reveals broad mortgage corruption involving Congress
    Before anyone had heard of a subprime mortgage crisis, one of the nation’s largest mortgage companies, Countrywide Financial Corp., was using discount loans to members of Congress and congressional staff to buy influence in what may turn out...
  • Countrywide Shingle
    Countrywide Shingle needs immediate sales reps
    Due to the intense storms that swept through the St. Louis area recently, Countrywide Shingle currenty has an immediate opening in the St. Louis area for a sales rep. The job is a full-time position in sales. The company offers an "industry...
  • Countrywide breach of PSA could affect $47 billion dollars in failed RMBS's
    Countrywide breach of PSA could affect $47 billion dollars in failed RMBS's
    Press release from PRNewsWire for October 18th, 2010Institutional Holders of Countrywide-Issued RMBS Issue Notice of Non-Performance Identifying Alleged Failures by Master Servicer to Perform Covenants and Agreements in More Than $47 Billion of...
  • Market wrap-up for Thursday, October 15th, 2010
    Market wrap-up for Friday, October 15th, 2010
    The markets were probably glad that Friday has come and gone. There has been an underlying current of fear and anxiety in several components of the market, and also a grasp by a few of hope and recovery. The dollar was able to make some gains, and...
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