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  • Vampire Weekend "Diane Young" music video screenshot
    Vampire Weekend release official 'Diane Young' music video
    On June 3,Vampire Weekend released an official music video for their single "Diane Young" on the band's VEVO YouTube channel. The video is two minutes and forty-five seconds long, and it was directed by Primo Kahn. You can watch...
  • Know The Code: History of the 'Konami Code'
    Know The Code: History of the 'Konami Code'
    Any self respecting gamer knows about the Konami Code. It has been memorized and used countless times for titles like Gradius and Contra to make beating them a lot easier. Do you know how or why this famous code started? What other applications...
  • Bump 'n' Jump
    Gamer bumps and jumps over 28-year-old world record
    Missouri'sCharlie Wehneris the new world record champ on arcade classicBump 'n' Jump, according to the scorekeepers over atTwin Galaxies.The new champion racked up3,175,880 pointsto take the top spot over 84 other ranked gamers in the...
  • Rocketbirds
    Review - Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken! (PS3/PSN)
    While I do enjoy games in a wide variety of styles and formats the games that really hold my attention typically fall into two categories; lots of bullets, blood, and ensuing violence, or something simplistic, addictive and maybe even a little...
  • Contra dance at The Avalon
    Contra dance: Speed dating with a spin
    Wouldn't it be great if first dates could be all about fun and attention with no worries about rejection? Speed dating allows singles to have a series of no-strings-attached short dates. There's another way to experience that with an added...
  • Hard Corps: Uprising
    Hard Corps: Uprising now on XBox Live arcade
    Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, StartIf you recognize the above as the Konami code, chances are that you've played Contra. If you play video games and you haven't played Contra you've probably heard about it, and if...
  • Hard Corps: Uprising
    Hard Corps: Uprising Review
    Hard Corps: Uprising is what Contra fans have been waiting for, and a whole lot more.Developed by Arc System Works, Hard Corps: Uprising is a prequel to the 1994 Sega Genesis game Contra: Hard corps. Uprising is the first Contra game not to carry...
  • Konami bringing Pro Evolution Soccer, Frogger and Contra to Nintendo 3DS
    Konami bringing Pro Evolution Soccer, Frogger and Contra to Nintendo 3DS
    While we already knew that Metal Gear Solid 3D: Snake Eater was coming to the Nintendo 3DS from Konami, they've also announced three more games to launch alongside the Nintendo handheld next year.Pro Evolution Soccer will be getting the 3D...
  • The manly-men of Konami crash PlayStation Home in style
    The manly-men of Konami crash PlayStation Home in style
    It's little surprise that the latest PlayStation Store update would feature attire from the newly-released Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. Players can now dress their avatars in the garb of one Gabriel Belmont, the protagonist of the new title,...
  • Vampire Weekend (l-r: Tomson, Batmanglij, Baio, Koenig)
    Vampire Weekend live in Atlanta
    Lead singer Ezra Koenig celebrated his twenty-sixth birthday in front of a sold-out, hyperactive crowd in the confines of Atlanta’s fabulous Tabernacle. But the usual birthday celebration it was not. Vampire Weekend – touring in...
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