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  • Juan Pablo
    ‘Bachelor’ star Juan Pablo’s relationship with ex raises concerns
    “Bachelor” star Juan Pablo has been very open about his situation on the show. He is a father and he is good friends with his ex-girlfriend. They couldn’t work things out between them, but they remain good friends for the sake of...
  • Leah Calvert
    ‘Teen Mom’ star Leah Calvert’s husband speaks out about divorce concerns
    “Teen Mom” star Leah Calvert has been taking care of her three children for quite some time, but she doesn’t realize how lucky she is that she has a husband who works hard and pays the bills, so she can be at home with her kids....
  • What do you do when a friend won’t tell you what’s up?
    What do you do when a friend won’t tell you what’s up?
    You notice a friend has been a little distant lately. You ask if everything is okay and they tell you that everything is great. A few weeks later you notice that your friend is still acting a little different from usual but you’ve already...
  • MQ-9 Reaper in flight
    Legion supports new look at 'Drone Medal'
    Subscribe to have Military and Veterans news delivered right to your email inbox.Echoing concerns of The American Legion, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel has announced the formation of a panel to discuss the fate of the Distinguished Warfare...
  • Why didn't they follow their own advice?
    Why didn't they follow their own advice?
    On occasion we’ll go to a friend about a situation we’re having and receive what we believe to be solid advice. Months later when it appears that very same friend is now faced with the same issue, they do something entirely different....